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Based in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is Colorado's largest state-based gun lobby. It is a group solely dedicated to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Our strategy is simple: don't give an inch.

Comprehensive Strategy

Rather than blindly pursuing public opinion, RMGO uses a well-developed, comprehensive, no-compromise strategy for victory (to read a bit about that strategy, click here).

Our Mission is simple: defend the right to keep and bear arms from all of its enemies, and advance those God-given rights by educating the people of Colorado and urging  them to action in the public policy process.

Award Winning Web Site

RMGO's website is a quick and easy way to find out about Colorado's gun rights activities.

E-mail Alert Network

RMGO keeps you up-to-date on the Colorado Legislature and other assaults on your Second Amendment rights through our low-volume, no-spam email network.

Dedicated Staff

RMGO is the only gun rights organization in Colorado with staff members, all dedicated to preserving your Second Amendment rights without compromise.

Action Mailings

RMGO will give you all the materials needed to have the maximum possible grassroots impact on our elected officials.

Political Action Committee

The state's only pro-gun PAC, which works to elect pro-gun candidates and hold politicians accountable.

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Local & National Media Presence

The staff at RMGO regularly defend your rights on local and national news programs, radio talk shows and through the print media.

Concealed Carry

While other institutional gun lobbies work to force gun owners to jump through hoops and hurdles for their self defense, RMGO sets a higher standard: the law should recognize law-abiding citizens' rights and not build databases to track gun owners. RMGO has forced lawmakers to recognize the true standard for concealed carry: the Vermont/Alaska law. Vermont—and more recently, Alaska—citizens are allowed to carry concealed firearms without a permit, avoiding the “big-brother-may-I” of a permit system.  Citizens who wish to carry in other states can still obtain a concealed weapons permit, but true self defense freedom should be our goal.

Concealed Carry Guide

Our Concealed Carry Guide is your one-stop source for news about Colorado's concealed carry laws, regulations and important news.

Gun Laws FAQ

We list plain English questions about Colorado's gun laws, with plain English answers.  This is the fastest growing and most visited portion of our website.

Changes to our Laws

We'll work to change Colorado's laws, and regularly update you on laws that are changed.

No Compromise

Rather than pass “good gun control” or work to compromise our rights to attain a “seat at the table,” RMGO forces politicians to take a stand, either with gun owners or against us. RMGO uses grassroots activism, rather than coddling politicians, to protect our constitutional rights.  (To read about our strategy, click here)

Assault Weapons

Though nearly impossible to define, it is obvious that “assault weapons” are constitutionally protected under the Second Amendment, just as laser printers are protected under the First. Our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment to protect weapons used by private citizens that are equivalent to the arms of a standing army's infantryman. Since the media has portrayed these firearms as evil, few politicians wish to be forced into actively standing up for your right to own a so-called “assault weapon”. RMGO is firmly committed to protecting your right to own these and other firearms—including .50-caliber rifles—and repealing laws which regulate and restrict their purchase and ownership.

Colorado Gun Market

Our private sale website is a marketplace for firearms sellers and purchasers alike.


Open-door policy

RMGO maintains open lines of communication with it's members.

We also provide up-to-date financial information on the organization.


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