Step-by-Step Instructions for getting your Concealed Carry Permit

This guide is intended to direct you through the process to acquire a concealed carry permit in Colorado.  If at any time you have troubles in the process, please call our office.

Hint: dues-paid RMGO members are given preference.

  1. You must have proof of some form of firearms safety training within the last 10 years.  Though Rocky Mountain Gun Owners fought against this provision (do you need government-mandated training to practice your First Amendment rights?), this is nevertheless the law.

    If you need firearms safety training, you can take a course through RMGO.

  2. Download, print, and fill out the Concealed Handgun Permit (that's what it's actually called) application from your county of residence here.  If it's not available online, call your county sheriff (Denver residents call the Denver Police Department) and ask for it.  In some cases they may require you to pick it up in person.

  3. Acquire $152.50 ($100 to your local Sheriff and $52.50 to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation).  Most sheriffs will accept a check, but CBI requires the $52.50 in certified funds.  Take that completed application, and your fees, to your sheriff's office.

    Note: in some cases (where sheriffs have completely forgotten who votes them in and who pays their salary, such as Arapahoe County) sheriffs require you to schedule turning the application in.  As ludicrous as that might sound, be aware of it -- it's a bureaucratic nightmare and can delay your permit.

  4. When turning your application in and paying the fees, your sheriff department will take your fingerprints (yes, just like a common criminal).

  5. Now your job is to wait.  They have 90 days to issue or deny, but some sheriffs have pushed this far beyond the legal limit (again, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson is the main culprit).

    Sheriffs claim they are waiting for the results of the fingerprint check.  However, state law addresses that (and tells them they only have 90 days).

  6. Assuming you passed the background check, your permit should be available to be picked up.

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