Merchant Report Form

report-merchant-button-blue-redThis form is to be used to report merchants in Colorado who display signs that bar patrons with firearms from entering.

Make certain the business you are reporting has not already been reported by viewing our list of businesses.

Note: under Colorado trespass law, privately owned businesses may bar entrance of patrons for virtually any reason but being in a "suspect class", as defined by the U.S. Supreme court (i.e. based on race, religion, etc).

Public buildings (government) cannot bar concealed carry permit holders from carrying concealed handguns into a facility unless they have an electronics screening device or personnel.  This, however, excludes schools, whom Gov. Owens and the institutional gun lobbies believe should be left defenseless (you cannot carry onto school grounds at any time except while in your vehicle, according to the law enacted May 2003).

You can search for a business owner (a required field in the form below) here.

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