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Last night’s primary election once again proved that gun owners -- and the issues they care about -- are vital to conservative wins in elections.

In a complete and total rout, RMGO PAC won every race it was involved in.

Every race. And all of them by double digit victories.

Senate District 8 GOP Primary -- GOP State Rep. Randy Baumgardner challenged State Senator Jean White in this mountain country district and won by more than 16%.

Senate District 10 GOP Primary -- RMGO member and activist Owen Hill defeated weak-kneed State Rep. Larry Liston by 22% in El Paso.

Senate District 23 GOP Primary -- RMGO member and activist Vicki Marble handily defeated long-time State Rep. Glen Vaad in northern Colorado.

State House District 22 GOP Primary -- RMGO member Justin Everett defeated Loren Bauman in this Littleton seat.

State House District 63 GOP Primary -- RMGO member Lori Saine held off a disgruntled write-in opponent who had failed to even garner a handful of delegates in their earlier Weld County Convention.

State House District 48 GOP Primary -- Long-time RMGO member/activist Steve Humphrey defeated anti-gun Jeffrey Hare by a nearly 14% margin in this race, where RMGO’s survey (and Mr. Hare’s abysmal response) took center stage in this Weld County race.

These primary winners will join other RMGO PAC endorsed newcomer candidates and incumbents to dramatically increase the pro-gun contingency in the Colorado legislature.

All of these winners answered the RMGO survey 100%, and will be expected to pull at the oars for our Constitutional Rights.

But the victories last night belong to you, the activists and supporters. Well done.



PAC Endorsements

House District 22 - RMGO PAC has endorsed Justin Everett.

House District 48 - RMGO PAC has endorsed Steve Humphrey

Senate District 8 - RMGO PAC has endorsed Randy Baumgardner

Senate District 10 - RMGO PAC has endorsed Owen Hill

Senate District 23 - RMGO PAC has endorsed Vicki Marble


Additional Information

House District 48


Click on the image above for a detailed explanation of House District 48

Click here to see Mr. Hare's comments about RMGO's survey

Click here to see Weld County Sheriff John Cooke's 2010 RMGO Survey


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