"SB-2099" e-mail a hoax, but illustrates...

...why you should be a member of a trusted pro-gun group

You may have received an e-mail about a bill in the U.S. Senate known as "SB-2099".

There are a great number of indicators in this e-mail that prove the sender is not to be trusted.

"This bill will become public knowledge 30 days after it is voted into law."  Baloney.  I don't trust the scumbuckets in Washington, D.C. either.  But a bill can't become law without "public knowledge" or without a vote.

If this were possible, is there any doubt the anti-gun liberals would use it to immediately enact their gun control fantasies?  The only thing stopping them is... well, frankly, you, and your outrage.

Another thing that tells you this isn't accurate is that the US Senate doesn't legislation as "SB 2099" or "SB-2099".  It would be "S. 2099".

The third glaring indication that it isn't real is that when you do a search of "S. 2099" or even "2099" from the US Senate website, it returns nothing.

I'm a former US Senate employee (Sen. Bill Armstrong's staff), and still have a lot of contacts on the Hill.  So I've got a good handle on federal legislation -- we track federal legislation here:


As you can see, no "2099" exists in the current Congress.

The one thing they did get right is that 2099 was, at one time, a bill in the U.S. Senate... in 2000.  And yes, it was a gun control disaster.  It didn't get anywhere, but 9 years later its not still alive.

However, this illustrates why we exist: There's a lot of misinformation out there -- especially on the internet -- and gun owners need someone they trust take the time to decipher it.  They want to know what's happening without being scammed, so they become members of groups they trust.

If you are sent this e-mail, forward our above reply, with a note from you to the sender and all the recipients:

"I asked a gun lobbyist I trust about the legislation you referenced, "SB-2099".  And, as you can see from this 15-year veteran of the wars to save our freedoms, the referenced legislation isn't as advertised.

There are plenty of real threats to our right to keep and bear arms.  Let's put our energy into fighting them, not ghosts.

That's why I'm a member of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners: I trust them to know what's happening and alert me when my help is needed.

If you live in Colorado, you need to be a member.  There is no other group in Colorado who truly defends our rights without compromise.

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If you don't live in Colorado, you can always join the National Association for Gun Rights, which is led by the same staff.

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This is a great way to turn a wild goose chase into an actual positive for freedom.

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