It's Worse than I Thought...

After last week’s election, the gun-grabbing politicians and their lobbyist pals in Denver are slapping each other on the back and toasting their victory.

Sitting at home, I watched the results coming in and it threw me back in my chair.

As soon as I saw them, I knew what we were going to be facing come January -- an all-out assault on our Second Amendment.

Simply put, the traditionally anti-gun Democrat Party in Colorado now controls the House, Senate and the Governor’s mansion.

At the beginning of this election the anti-gunners made a bet. They gambled that the soft on guns top of the Republican ticket would drag down pro-gun candidates on the local level.

Their bet paid-off, and it confirmed what I’ve been worried about since last summer.

Gun control advocates believe they have a “mandate” in Colorado -- or at least that’s the way they see the election results.

Stand with RMGO

There is a silver lining though.


Because of the efforts of you and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

There were pro-gun candidates who won all over Colorado on election night.

These crucial wins give gun owners a defensive line for our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms regardless of the electoral massacre.

In fact, 10 of the 11 pro-gun candidates who pledged 100% support of your Second Amendment rights will be sworn into office this January.

The results were not as good for establishment candidates who foolishly ignored you -- without the support of gun owners, they fell one-by-one in their elections.

Even still, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners will be in some major fights during the next session.


RMGO will have to work harder than ever to defend your rights from backdoor power plays in Denver. It’s a job we won’t back away from but we’ll need your support to put everything we have into the battle.

That’s why I’m asking you to give whatever you can to help RMGO fight for your Second Amendment rights during the next legislative session.


Anti-gun politicians who rode Obama’s coattails into office will waste no time trying to jam gun control down our throats.

The fights will move fast and we may only have hours to react.

Inside sources have already warned me that gun-grabbers are working overtime to pass legislation this year like:

  • Mandatory registration of all handguns;
  • Statewide ban of semi-automatic firearms;
  • More radical restrictions meant to shut down gun shows;
  • A 30-day waiting period on all gun purchases;
  • Halting the manufacture or possession of magazines holding more than 10 rounds;
  • Campus Carry bans, to overturn hard fought victories on this front;
  • Turn parks, libraries and other public places into “Criminal Safe Zones.”

We must stop them!

As always, they will have far more money than those who cherish the Second Amendment.

I’ve warned you about billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his burning desire to spend his fortune on taking away law-abiding gun owner’s rights.

He dumped huge sums of cash into the election and his sites have been set on Colorado -- especially after the recent Aurora theatre shooting.

This is why we have to stand ready to fight. We can’t afford to sit back and think someone else is going to fight these battles for us.

Without your constant support, Colorado could lose its only “no-compromise” voice in the fight for the Second Amendment -- Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

As we prepare for the legislative session in January, it's vital that RMGO restore its financial footing. The anti-gun lobby will continue to force their gun control measures with everything they have.

That’s why I’m counting on RMGO supporters like you to be ready to fight when the battle begins -- but that takes resources.


There are many battles that will take place in Denver, and we can’t afford to sit idly by while rich gun-grabbers like billionaire playboy Michael Bloomberg force their anti-gun agenda on our state.

Your financial support will continue to help RMGO fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.

So click here to help RMGO with your most generous contribution of $25, $50 or even $100. If that's simply too much, won't you please consider chipping in just $15?

Every penny counts, and clearly it must in light of last Tuesday’s election.

For freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

P.S. Pro-gun candidates won in 10 of 11 seats in the Colorado General Assembly on election night, but gun owners still face an uphill battle.

The gun-grabbers in Denver are high on their electoral victories, and we can’t afford to sit idly by while they force their anti-gun agenda on Colorado.

Please click here to make your most generous contribution of $25, $50 or $100 to make sure Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is prepared for any attempt to restrict our gun rights. If that's simply too much, won't you please chip in just $15?

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