They’re stripping us of our First Amendment rights so they can destroy our Second Amendment rights.

I know this sounds like something out of a George Orwell novel, but politicians -- along with liberal, gun-grabbing interest groups --don’t want grassroots organizations like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners to be effective in defending our rights.

Fortunately for us, they’ve left a loophole.

That loophole is the RMGO Political Action Committee.

But first, let me back up and start from the beginning.

You know me as the Executive Director of Colorado’s largest gun rights group, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. I also now serve in the same capacity with the National Association for Gun Rights, fighting for your rights on a federal level.

I’ve fought alongside you -- and thousands like you -- to defend freedom and advance the cause of liberty for almost two decades now.

Even after the Columbine tragedy, when most of the so-called “pro-gun” groups scurried away with a feeble look on their face (which only made gun owners look guilty for the vile acts of two deranged madmen), I pro-actively defended our views and constitutional rights. Geraldo Rivera heaped his scorn on me when I was a guest on his ‘news’ program, but I wear that scorn as a badge of honor.

But I write you today in a different capacity.

You see, we’ve got another vehicle to advance our rights: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC.


What’s a PAC? A “political action committee” is an entity that can endorse candidates, give them money, and -- more importantly -- tell citizens the truth about candidates who run for office.

RMGO has the only pro-gun PAC in the state of Colorado. And it has been helpful to elect strong, no-compromise candidates to the legislature.

But laws change, and the anti-gunners have decided that they can shut us -- you, me and our entire grassroots network –- down by passing limitations on our free speech.

In other words, these gun-grabbers will stomp on our First Amendment rights of free speech so that they can savage our Second Amendment rights with impunity. And make no mistake about it, once RMGO is hamstrung, there will be no united group left to stand for freedom in Colorado.

Unfortunately for the gun-banners, they left a little “loophole”.

By passing draconian limits on free speech for organizations like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, they’ve


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