House floor to hear SB96; Last chance for you to be heard

Thursday, April 24, 1997 -- Senate Bill 96 will be heard by the House floor on Friday, April 25, completing its final steps before going to Governor Romer's desk.

SB96 needs fixing

Since this bill will certainly pass the House, our last chance to make much-needed changes is here.

Rather than allow the politicians to steer this bill, RMGO and GOA have worked endlessly to improve this concealed carry bill. Instead of backroom deals (the kind of deals that gave us Dottie Wham's "Criminal Safezones") we have relied on you to put pressure on lawmakers -- and we win when that happens. If we sit back now, and let this bill pass, we have only ourselves to blame for its anti-freedom provisions.

The "just pass this bill, then fix it later" strategy has proven itself to be a failure: Just this year, both Texas and Montana legislatures have killed efforts at improving their concealed carry laws, and both failures have been at the hands of supposed "pro-gun" lawmakers who don't want tough votes in their legislature.

House floor to vote on "Vermont Law" and other freedom issues

Allowing citizens to carry without government permission is the only concealed carry law that truly recognizes our Second Amendment rights, and lawmakers should be forced to vote on it.

Given the probability that Roy Romer will veto this bill (Gov. Graves of Kansas, a Republican, just vetoed a concealed carry bill this week, and he isn't the chairman of the liberal Democratic National Committee) we should not hesitate to do everything we can to fix this bill.

A vote on the "Vermont Law" or other provisions will not kill this bill: that vote didn't kill the bill in 1996 or 1995. That is merely a scare tactic by politicians who don't want to vote on something tough. They'll use any means possible to avoid this vote, so be ready for them. There is no reason for pro-gun lawmakers to vote against "Vermont."

Fix this bill

1. Urge your representative to reinstate the ability to carry concealed in a vehicle without a permit. Current law only allows those "traveling" to carry concealed without a permit. This bill doesn't address this issue, but it should.

2. Urge lawmakers to lower fee. The fee is too high. Gun owners already pay huge taxes when they purchase a weapon, and don't need to fatten up police departments with excessive permit fees. Some states who do a background check charge as little as $8 a year, instead of this bill's fee of $125 for three years (the applicant must pay the fingerprinting fee himself, as well).

3. Urge lawmakers to remove centralized registration. This bill currently gives the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, our state's FBI, the task of keeping the records of permit holders. Since Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police issue the permits, there is no reason to have all the records in one area, except to build a database of gun-owning citizens. Confirmation of a valid concealed carry permit is doesn't need to happen with CBI: just put the phone number of the issuing agency on the permit.

Call your State Representative today

Call your State Representative at (303) 866-2904. Tell him/her to vote for the "Vermont Law," and, if that fails, to vote for the above improvements. Remember, nothing happens in politics unless it's pushed.

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