Concealed Carry to be heard on Senate floor this week;
Texas CCW battle shows flaw in "small step" strategy

Wednesday, March 12, 1997 -- After getting approval from the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senate Bill 96, Chlouber's mangled Concealed Carry measure, is heading to the Senate floor, where it will be heard this week.

The danger to gun owners is that this bill may pass in its current form, as amended by anti-gun Senator Dottie Wham.

The Anti-Gun "Wham Provisions"
In an insider deal (which reportedly was instigated by a "pro-gun" organization), Sen. Wham amended SB96 to make certain that law-abiding citizens with permits couldn't use them where they are most needed.

The "Wham Provisions" allow municipalities the ability to create "criminal safezones" where permit holders could not carry. Instead, permit holders would be arrested in areas where city councils bar concealed weapons, such as parks, sidewalks, streets, and just about any other innovative definition the gun grabbers will invent to make certain your permit is worthless.

This provision, along with others, make this bill a large step backwards for gun owners.

Texas Concealed Carry Reform dead, thanks to bad strategy
Texas passed a much-hailed concealed carry bill in 1995 that had dozens of holes, most notably a long laundry list of areas where permittees could not carry. Of course, some gun groups told us, as they are now telling us in Colorado, that we should simply get the law, and clean it up later. This strategy, taking "small steps," has proven to be a disaster.

Earlier this week, as Texas tried to clean up their concealed carry law, the reform effort was stopped in its tracks.

Who killed the Texas concealed carry reform bill? NRA "A+" rated Republican State Senator Flo Shapiro, a supposed "pro-gun" lawmaker. She knew that, by voting for a "small step" bill in 1995, she could use her position as cover to kill any reforms and avoid difficult recorded votes on the floor of the Texas Senate. We can't let this disaster happen in Colorado.

Never underestimate a politicians' drive to avoid tough votes
The Texas scenario is now being played out in Colorado. Politicians, who have opposed any real efforts at personal protection freedom, are now voting for this anti-freedom bill.

The reason this bill, with the Wham Provisions, is gathering support: Politicians can vote for this bill and take the heat off, then claim they are pro-gun in the next election without every really solving anything.

If this bill passes, any future attempts at reforming concealed carry will be killed.

Ask your Senator to vote for real freedom
SB96 may be heard on the Senate floor this Friday. Call your Senator at (303) 866-4866 and ask him/her to support removing the anti-gun "Wham Provisions."

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