House sponsor gun owners enemy;
Assault weapons ban proposed;
Wray Police Chief shuts down permit operations

Thursday, Jan. 15, 1998 -- For the fifth year in a row, State Senator Ken Chlouber (R-Leadville) has introduced a concealed carry bill, and this year he brings one of our arch enemies to the table.

Chlouber chooses anti-gun State Rep. Russ George as House Sponsor
Senate Bill 81 was introduced by Chlouber this week, marking his 5th consecutive session carrying a bill to change Colorado's concealed carry law.

Chlouber, however, could not use last year's House Sponsor, Larry Schwarz, because Schwarz resigned his seat to take an appointment with Governor Roy Romer, a move that has gun owners questioning Schwarz's motives. Schwarz actively opposed any efforts to make last year's over-restrictive concealed carry bill better. Enter Russ George (R-Rifle), considered one of Colorado's most liberal Republicans and a candidate to replace Speaker Chuck Berry in the top House leadership position.

Russ George sponsored a bill (SB95-067, with fellow liberal Sen. Dottie Wham) to make carrying concealed without a permit a felony. That means that any rancher caught with a loaded pistol under his seat or the nurse driving home from a late shift would be guilty of a felony. The bill also required a "need" be shown by permit applicants. Fortunately, the bill was killed in committee, where even Wham could not find enough liberals to support her anti-concealed carry bill. It does, however, show Rep. George's extreme anti-gun views.

Just yesterday, George voted to increase the penalties for illegal hunting of trophy game to a mandatory $25,000 in addition to the normal penalty (HB1039) with no discretion allowed by the judge (the original bill had a $5,000 fine, but George amended it to the much higher amount).

George's voting record on gun issues is quite clear:

1997: Opposed efforts to remove centralized database and gov't mandated training requirements
1996: Opposed Rep. Musgrave's "Vermont Law" amendment to HB1178
1995: Joined Wham in an attempt to make carrying without a permit a felony (SB67)
1994: Opposed both concealed carry bills (Chlouber's HB1076 & fmr. Rep Clark's HB1025)

Call Senator Chlouber (303-866-4866) to tell him you are appalled by his selection of a Sponsor and that selecting such an anti-gun ally jeopardizes gun owners' support for this bill.

Assault Weapons ban introduced in Colorado House
House Bill 1181, sponsored by Rep. Dan Grossman, would ban the sale, ownership or possession of an "assault weapon" in Colorado. It was assigned to the House Judiciary Committee, where gun owners have few friends. Stay tuned for more information on this bill.

Police Chief's chain jerked, Wray City Council says stop
Shortly after it began, it was over. The Wray City Council stopped Police Chief Bowman from issuing permits statewide, instead only allowing him to process applications from their municipality. Though publicly the Chief says the pressure came from his council, insiders speculate that the Colorado Sheriffs (many known for their anti-gun stances and strong arm tactics) may have used their power to force the shutdown.

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