Stop the Wham-George Gun Grab!

Leadership Races could put Leading Gun Rights Enemies in Powerful Positions

May 29th, 1998 - Gun rights supporters in Colorado could be put in a perilous position if two of their biggest opponents, State Sen. Dottie Wham and State Rep. Russ George, are elected to top leadership posts in the state legislature.

State Senator Dottie Wham, long an opponent of concealed carry and other pro-gun measures, is seeking the Presidency of the Colorado Senate. Though her support might seem slim, State Capitol insiders are floating rumors that Wham may gather some Democrat votes, along with liberal Republicans, in a bid for the top spot.

State Representative Russ George, however, may be closer to his goal. A long-time opponent of concealed carry, George is reported to be quite close to being elected Speaker of the Colorado House, its top position. State Rep. Ken Gordon, a very liberal anti-gun Democrat, offered Russ George any help the Democrats could provide to assist in his run for Speaker.

Both positions come with enormous powers, including committee appointments, agenda setting, bill committee assignments and other perks.

Considering the record of Wham and George, gun owners should be very interested in these leadership races.

How to Stop this Unprecedented Anti-Gun Powergrab

Our only option to stop this powergrab is to convince legislative candidates and incumbents to vote against Wham or George.

Lobbying is most effective when politicians are running for office, therefore the time to pin them down on this issue is now. Ask your State Senator, or candidates for these offices, to sign this pledge to vote against Dottie Wham in the race for President of the Senate.

Then ask your State Representative, or candidate, to sign this pledge to vote against Russ George for speaker.

Tell them both that a vote for either liberal anti-gunner is unacceptable, and you view voting for Wham or George as a vote for the enemy.

Return this pledge to Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, and we will hold the politician’s feet to the fire.

Leadership Vote Pledge

As a candidate for the State Senate, I pledge to vote against anti-gun Dottie Wham in her race for President of the Senate.

    • ________________________ ____

      ________________________ ____
      Senate Candidate/Senator Date

      Witness and/or Constituent Date


As a candidate for the State House of Representatives, I pledge to vote against anti-gun Russ George in his race for Speaker of the House.

________________________ ____

________________________ ____
State House Candidate/Representative Date

Witness and/or Constituent Date

Denver makes seizure law permanent

Tuesday, July 14, 1998 -- As predicted, the anti-gun Denver City Council made 37-50, their draconian seizure law that stops gun owners from entering Denver without fear of losing property, a permanent city ordinance.

Council disregards public outcry, makes Denver a "Criminal Safezone"

Unfortunately, the Denver City Council made their Gestapo-like seizure law permanent late last night.

RMGO Excecutive Director Dudley Brown was on Channel 7 News last night and this morning, saying this law created a climate where "citizens fear government more than the criminal."

Below is a link to the Denver Post updated story:

Link to Denver Post article

House Judiciary Committee to hear ban on "Assault Weapons"

Sunday, Feb. 1, 1998 -- State Rep. Dan Grossman (D-Denver) will present his bill to ban so-called "assault weapons" to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning.

Bill bans possession of "assault weapons" with no grandfathered weapons
Grossman's HB1181 take the federal ban quite a few steps further, making almost any semi-automatic rifle illegal. It loosely defines the term "assault weapon" and bans all of that description, unless you obtain a permit from your local law enforcement agency.

HB 1181 defines "assault weapons" as a firearm with any one of the following: a "shorter length than recreational firearms", a folding stock, a "greater rate of fire than reasonably necessary for legitimate sports, recreational, or protection activities", or a detachable magazine with a capacity of 21 or more rounds.

It breaks new ground because it does not just ban the sale or manufacture of such weapons, but bans possession, making thousands of currently owned weapons illegal. Since there is no grandfather clause, almost every semi-automatic weapon could be considered illegal. If this bill were to pass, could no-knock raids and door-to-door searches be far off?

There is another bill which bans only the sale of "assault weapons." Sen. Pat Pascoe (D-Denver), a long time gun-grabber, has written SB164, which stops any sale of "assault weapons" by private individuals. It is not yet scheduled for a hearing, but it is in Sen. Wham's Judiciary Committee, and may also stand a chance of passing. More on this bill as we get it.

Judiciary Committee not friendly to gun rights
The House Judiciary Committee is not known for its conservative bent, so we cannot expect this bill to die on its own.

Call the following marginal members of the committe today, and demand they stand for freedom by opposing this bill.

All of these members have opposed gun owners in votes on concealed carry, so remind them that gun owners remember their acts of betrayal, especially in an election year.

Rep. Bill Kaufman (R-Loveland) at 866-2947
Rep. Martha Kreutz (R-Englewood) at 866-5510
Rep. Gary McPherson (R-Aurora) at 866-2944
Rep. Marci Morrison (R-Colorado Springs) at 866-2937
Rep. Alice Nichol (D-Denver) at 866-2931

You can also fax letters (address them individually) to: 866-2218.

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