Sponsors kill own Concealed Carry laws: NRA cancels National Convention in Denver

April 21, 1999 – The tragic events of April 20th have pushed politicians and the NRA alike to run screaming for cover.

Senate Bill 84, the Concealed Carry bill, was Postponed Indefinitely by the sponsors (Doug Dean and Ken Chlouber). House Bill 1305, the Preemption bill, was also PI'd today.

This was not done by a vote of the chambers -- sponsors can, and often do, kill their own bills.

This is not a total loss. What this means is that next year, or the following, Colorado will have another crack at passing a GOOD concealed carry law, not one so laden with compromises that liberal Democrats support it and some of the sponsors sell the bill as a form of gun control.

For preemption, the death of HB1305 is more problematic. There are many concerns that the bill gave cities the ability to create criminal safezones for concealed carry permit holders, yet it would have overturned Denver's assault weapons ban ordinance, and their draconian public nuisance ordinance, as well as other anti-gun laws in various cities.

In other news, the NRA canceled its National Convention in Denver.

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