1999 Legislative Session has 3 concealed carry bills

Jan. 25, 1999 -- The three concealed carry bills in the Colorado General Assembly offer a range of controls, fees, and government intervention.

From RMGO's perspective, only Senator Musgrave's SB156 is true to the spirit of the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment.

To get the full text of Chlouber's SB84, click here.

To get the full text of Tebedo's SB108, click here.

To get the full text of Musgrave's SB156, click here.


Senate Bill 108 By Senator Tebedo / Representative McElhany


· Sets age limit at 25 years of age or older.
· Denies applicants who have been convicted of "any misdemeanor crime against a person, any crime involving domestic violence…"
· Permit expires when Sheriff leaves office (incumbent Sheriff re-election ploy)
· Expensive (it sets a maximum fee of $125 for a one year permit, though renewals are cheaper)
· Does not address the issue of carrying in the car without a permit, a time-honored practice in many areas of Colorado.
· A permit is only an affirmative defense, making gun owners defend themselves even if they have a permit.

Senate Bill 84 By Senator Chlouber

· Creates a statewide database, administered by the CBI.
· Expensive ($100 for 4 years)
· Requires a government-mandated training class (hunter safety does not count)

Notes: Between these two bills, clearly Chlouber's has less compromises. It must be noted that Sen. Tebedo is bragging that the Colorado Sheriffs Association has endorsed her bill (some would say it looks like they wrote it) which should make gun rights supporters wary.

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