Musgrave offers "Vermont-style" concealed carry permit

Jan. 22, 1999 -- Colorado St. Sen. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Ft. Morgan) today offered the Colorado Freedom to Carry Act, which has a Vermont-style permit system.

The entire text of the bill should be available soon at


Fact Sheet

The Freedom to Carry Act

Senate Bill 156

By Senator Marilyn Musgrave; Representative Scott McKay

The Freedom to Carry bill is a simple bill, telling Sheriffs they "shall" issue concealed carry permits to applicants who are eligible to purchase a firearm under federal and state law.

This bill does not tell Sheriffs how to process paperwork, or other unessential details that have no bearing on the basic rights of citizens.

· Directs that Sheriffs (and Denver Police Chief) "shall issue" concealed carry permits to applicants who are legally eligible to purchase a firearm

· Sheriffs simply need to determine whether an applicant is eligible to purchase a firearm, an already existing process

· Makes carrying concealed with a permit an exception (rather than an affirmative defense, which forces you to hire an attorney and prove your innocence).

· Makes carrying concealed without a permit legal (an exception) in a vehicle

· Has statewide preemption, barring the creation of criminal safezones

· Does not revoke existing permits, but forces new permits to be issued under the bills criteria

· Is a short bill (just over 3 pages)

· Prohibits Sheriffs from:

    · Recording serial numbers or any information about the applicants firearms

    · Requiring government-mandated training (they can still give information on training and legal issues to applicants)

    · Adding additional criteria for permits (such as requiring applicant show "need")

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