Musgrave's Right to Carry bill heard Monday, Feb 1

Jan. 31, 1999 -- St. Sen. Marilyn Musgrave's Right to Carry bill, a Vermont-style permit, is going to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, Feb. 1 at 1:30 PM in the Colorado State Capitol.

The text of Musgrave's bill can be found here.

A fact sheet on the bill can be found here.

Any citizen may testify on the bill, and need only sign up minutes before the committee is to begin the hearing.

If you need assistance, RMGO Exec. Director Dudley Brown will be available to help, or simply ask Sen. Musgrave.

After the hearing, all three concealed carry bills will be voted upon, including any amendments offered.

Though Musgrave expects it to be difficult, she believes it will be a good test for new lawmakers and members of the committee.

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