Call your Senator, or forget Concealed Carry

Feb. 14, 1999 -- Feb. 14, 1999 - In just a few days the Colorado Senate will consider the only concealed carry bill still active in the legislature, Sen. Musgrave and Rep. McKay's Freedom to Carry Act.

Musgrave's Vermont-style concealed carry bill needs your help

With politicians whining that the bill is too pro-gun (they want more restrictions on your right to self-defense) and some "pro-gun" organizations quietly trying to kill this concealed carry bill because they want to keep politicians happy (politicians want government-mandated training, fingerprinting, and centralized databases), this bill faces a challenge to pass the Senate.

Musgrave will offer clean-ups amendments

The Freedom to Carry Act forces Sheriffs to issue permits to any applicant who is eligible to purchase a firearm. It is simple, short, and doesn't allow for wiggle room for politicians who say "I support the Second Amendment" but fail to prove it.

Though still not permit-less Vermont carry, this measure is light years ahead of any concealed carry bill offered in the past. If passed, Colorado would have the second best concealed carry law in the nation.

When the Senate hears the bill this week, Musgrave will offer a series of "house cleaning" amendments to SB156. The amendments will do the following:

· Set a specific amount for the permit (a maximum of $20 for a four year permit)
· Set a time limit for Sheriffs to issue or deny (10 business days)
· Reciprocity (recognizes rights of other states' residents while in Colorado)

Remember, this bill also allows you to carry concealed in your vehicle without a permit for any legal use. The current law has ambiguous language that has been contorted to require proof of overnight traveling.

It would also overturn Denver's draconian "public nuisance" ordinance, since carrying concealed in a vehicle would be legal.

Other pro-gun Senators will offer amendments to remove the criminal safezones (areas where permit holders are not allowed to carry, giving criminals the advantage) that were added in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Call your Senator ASAP!

You can call your Senator at 1-888-473-8136 toll free (303-866-2316 in the Metro area). You can also fax a letter or note to your Senator at 303-866-2012.

Ask your Senator to do two things: Remove all the criminal safezones, and PASS THIS BILL.

Any other vote will be considered anti-gun. Politely let your Senator know that this is THE gun vote for 1999, and should be considered very carefully.

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