Musgrave Freedom to Carry Act passes Senate!

Feb. 19, 1999 -- Proving once again that we can pass a better concealed carry bill, Sen. Musgrave managed to pilot Senate Bill 156 through the Colorado Senate today with only minor amendments.

Musgrave's bill, which would force Sheriffs to issue permits to any citizen who was eligible to purchase a firearm, was debated this morning.

Sen. Pat Pascoe, a long-time gun foe, sponsored an amendment to require government-mandated training for applicants, which failed on a voice vote.

Sen. Ron Teck's amendment to increase the maximum fee for the 4 year permit from $20 to $100 was the only unfriendly amendment to pass.

Teck failed to articulate why Sheriffs need to charge this high a fee, especially considering the background check (Brady) is free to law enforcement. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation was doing background checks for handgun purchases for $10, which is sufficient under this bill.

The other amendments to pass were sponsored by Musgrave, setting the expiration of permits at 4 years, set a 10 day requirement for issuing the permits, and granted reciprocity to citizens from any state that allow carrying concealed and/or permits (it would recognize Vermont's citizens' rights while they are in Colorado).

Senator Jim Congrove also successfully ran an amendment removing the ability of Chiefs of Police to issue permits (Denver Public Safety manager would have the duty in the city of Denver, where there is no sheriff).

Today's victory is only one of the many more hurdles this bill faces. Though there was no recorded vote on passage of the bill during Second Reading, the Senate will cast recorded votes for final passage of the bill as early as Monday. That vote will be posted on this web site.

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