Musgrave/McKay Concealed Carry bill Passes the Senate

Feb. 22, 1999 -- SB156 passed the full Senate today on a vote of 20-13. Only two Democrats, Jim Dyer of Durango and Alice Nichol of Adams County, voted in favor of the bill, with the rest of the Senate falling down partisan lines. Sens. Elsie Lacy and Dave Wattenberg, both questionable GOP votes, were absent today. The Bill now goes to the House, where House Speaker Russ George will assign the bill to a committee and begin the hearing process.

Former Hero turns Benedict Arnold, tries to kill Musgrave/McKay Freedom to Carry Act

Once a staunch supporter of Vermont-type concealed carry, State Rep. Doug Dean (R-Colo. Springs) has sponsored a more restrictive concealed carry bill to compete with SB156.

This bill is nothing more than an effort to compromise our issue and pass anything, at any cost, just so that a politician can get his glory. Its effect will be to allow elected officials to split their votes between the two bills, and kill real concealed carry reform for 1999.

Dean's bill, HB1316, has government-mandated training, and even has a provision denying permits to those convicted of domestic violence, something gun owners have been fighting on the federal level for years (called the Lautenberg Gun Ban). In other words, you could be arrested for spanking your child and this bill would add to the federal language denying you your rights.

This move is especially puzzling because Rep. Dean used to be an ally on matters of freedom. His only reason to carry this bill, which makes passage of SB156 even more difficult, is to get statewide publicity just prior to the NRA National Convention, which will be held in May in Denver. Rather than go to the matt for your rights, Rep. Dean wants to curry favor at a convention.

Dean was an early critic of SB156. He flatly stated that the Musgrave/McKay bill could not pass the Senate Judiciary Committee, but it did. Then he said it could not pass the Senate floor, but it did today. Now, he claims the Governor will not sign the bill, but Owens' election was far too close for him to anger every gunnie in Colorado.

Apparently, Rep. Dean's political career is now more important than principle.

What you can do:

Call State Rep. Doug Dean (the House Majority Leader) at 303-866-2348 today, and tell him to stop playing games with concealed carry!

Tell him he can become a hero again by helping to pass SB156, the Musgrave/McKay Freedom to Carry Act, instead of offering another CCW bill that muddies up the debate and may kill all concealed carry hopes for 1999.

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