Musgrave/McKay Concealed Carry bill dies in House Judiciary Committee

March 4, 1999 -- As predicted, the House Judiciary Committee has killed SB156, the only concealed carry bill to make it through the Senate. HB1316 is still scheduled for a floor vote in the House.

Testifying against the least restrictive concealed carry bill ever offered in the Colorado legislature was the Colorado State Shooting Association and the Firearms Coalition of Colorado.

SB156 moved the yard sticks. Rather than just assuming we must take what the politicians give us and be happy, it asked for FAR more than any previous CCW bill. The bill died on a vote of 10-3, with only Reps. Decker, Hefley and Mitchell supporting the bill.

HB1316 needs cleaning

State Rep. Doug Dean's HB1316 has done what it intended: it killed the bill that passed the Senate (SB156), and gave Governor Owens a pass on making a tough decision were he to face a bill that did not require training.

Now gun rights activists must work to fix the ailing HB1316, which has more than its fair share of problems:

- sponsors put on an amendment in the House Agriculture Committee to give Sheriff's discretion on the application, which is no different than the current situation. Any sheriff could simply point to any situation, any incident relating to an applicant, and deny the permit, no matter how minor. It would make for a victory in name only.

- HB1316 reinforces the Lautenberg Gun Ban, which was passed on the federal level several years ago and may be the most insidious infringement of gun rights in history. Anyone convicted of a domestic violence charge would be denied a permit, a concept that GOA has fought in Congress for years. It is not surprising that the NRA would support such language: their "repeal" of Lautenberg (sponsored by Congressman Bob Barr) would only remove the retroactivity of Lautenberg, again conceding a huge amount of territory to the gun grabbers.

To leave this kind of language on a Colorado concealed carry bill is a de facto endorsement of Lautenberg -- be assured we will do everything in our power to remove this language.

- The fee, a maximum of $100 for a 5 year permit, is too high. Politicians increased the fee on SB156, and made sure HB1316 had a high fee in order to fatten the bureaucrats' budgets, who would have to spend less than $20 to do the background check.

What you can do:

Call your State Representative today at 303-866-2904 and tell him/her that HB1316 should only be passed if it is cleaned up -- we have worked too hard for the last 6 years to pass a concealed carry bill that does nothing but keep the politicians happy.

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