House passes HB1316 with Lautenberg gun ban;
SB156 and Vermont Law Amendments are defeated

March 19, 1999 - The Colorado House today passed HB1316, a compromise concealed carry bill and the only active CCW bill in the legislature

HB1316 slightly improved

Though some of Sheriff discretion was removed (thanks to your pressure) the bill still has problems.

St. Rep. Scott McKay, the House sponsor to the now-dead SB156, offered an amendment to change the restrictive language of HB1316 into a more-free SB156.

At the direction of the bill sponsor and the NRA, the Lautenberg gun ban language, opposed by gun owners on a federal level, is still a part of the bill. This means that if you have ever been convicted of a domestic violence charge, the state of Colorado stops you from getting a CCW permit and the federal government denies you the right to own a weapon. With this language, HB1316 is fair game to kill for lawmakers who are not willing to pass gun control, no matter its form.

Amendments to remove the entire Lautenberg language failed, as did efforts to lower the fee (this bill sets a maximum of $100, though South Dakota only charges $8, New Hampshire $20, etc).

Later in the floor action, State Rep. Mark Paschall offered a "Vermont Law" amendment, which would have simply removed the penalty for law-abiding citizens who carry concealed without a permit.

"I am tired of the legislature turning a right into a privilege," said Paschall. "The secret goal of government is to incrementally take away our freedoms, and I won't be a part of it."

Paschall's Vermont Law amendment, as well as McKay's SB156 language amendment, each garnered only the votes of State Reps. Lauri Clapp, Rob Fairbank, Don Lee, Don McElhany, Scott McKay, Shawn Mitchell, Joe Nunez, Mark Paschall, and Penn Pfiffner.

Now Where?

HB1316 now faces one more vote in the House, called Third Reading. It is then sent over to the Senate where President Ray Powers assigns the bill to a committee

Word within the State Capitol is that sponsors of HB1316 are considering adding criminal safezones to their bill to make it more palatable to some members of the Senate, though many of HB1316's supporters claim to be adamantly opposed to these no-safety zones.

More later as news develops.

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