Musgrave's Right to Carry bill heard Monday, Feb 1

Jan. 31, 1999 -- St. Sen. Marilyn Musgrave's Right to Carry bill, a Vermont-style permit, is going to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, Feb. 1 at 1:30 PM in the Colorado State Capitol.

The text of Musgrave's bill can be found here.

A fact sheet on the bill can be found here.

Any citizen may testify on the bill, and need only sign up minutes before the committee is to begin the hearing.

If you need assistance, RMGO Exec. Director Dudley Brown will be available to help, or simply ask Sen. Musgrave.

After the hearing, all three concealed carry bills will be voted upon, including any amendments offered.

Though Musgrave expects it to be difficult, she believes it will be a good test for new lawmakers and members of the committee.

Sen. President Ray Powers assigns Musgrave "Vermont-style"
permit to graveyard committee with other CCW bills

Jan. 25, 1999 -- Despite a barrage of phonecalls urging Senate President Ray Powers to assign the bill to the State Affairs Committee, he instead sent it to Dottie Wham's Judiciary Committee.

Powers, an NRA "A+" rated Senator, responded to requests by telling them that it was "a Senate rule" that the bill be assigned to a specific committee, though no such rule exists. Powers himself earlier in January assigned a trigger lock bill to the Senate State Affairs Committee, where is was soundly defeated.

Powers is a term-limited El Paso County Senator.

Musgrave offers "Vermont-style" concealed carry permit

Jan. 22, 1999 -- Colorado St. Sen. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Ft. Morgan) today offered the Colorado Freedom to Carry Act, which has a Vermont-style permit system.

The entire text of the bill should be available soon at


Fact Sheet

The Freedom to Carry Act

Senate Bill 156

By Senator Marilyn Musgrave; Representative Scott McKay

The Freedom to Carry bill is a simple bill, telling Sheriffs they "shall" issue concealed carry permits to applicants who are eligible to purchase a firearm under federal and state law.

This bill does not tell Sheriffs how to process paperwork, or other unessential details that have no bearing on the basic rights of citizens.

· Directs that Sheriffs (and Denver Police Chief) "shall issue" concealed carry permits to applicants who are legally eligible to purchase a firearm

· Sheriffs simply need to determine whether an applicant is eligible to purchase a firearm, an already existing process

· Makes carrying concealed with a permit an exception (rather than an affirmative defense, which forces you to hire an attorney and prove your innocence).

· Makes carrying concealed without a permit legal (an exception) in a vehicle

· Has statewide preemption, barring the creation of criminal safezones

· Does not revoke existing permits, but forces new permits to be issued under the bills criteria

· Is a short bill (just over 3 pages)

· Prohibits Sheriffs from:

    · Recording serial numbers or any information about the applicants firearms

    · Requiring government-mandated training (they can still give information on training and legal issues to applicants)

    · Adding additional criteria for permits (such as requiring applicant show "need")

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