Rep. Doug Dean
State Capitol
200 East Colfax
Denver, Colorado 80203

January 4, 2000

Rep. Dean,

We hear from people that you continue to cover up the things you have said and done to harm our Second Amendment rights.

As you know, actions speak louder than words.

Let me briefly review just a few of the facts that you are hiding from your constituents and the citizens of Colorado.

As you know, Mr. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America recently sent a letter to gun rights supporters in Colorado to let them know their rights are in jeopardy.

First, know that Mr. Pratt is our country’s strongest supporter of the Second Amendment. Rather than fattening their bank account (like many bureaucrats in the institutional gun lobbies) Mr. Pratt has been a tireless advocate for our rights, and, more importantly, against any compromise of those rights.

In your response to Mr. Pratt you state that you oppose background checks at gun shows, but just this summer you sent a letter to the Colorado State Shooting Association already conceding that they would pass and that you wanted "it done our [Republicans] way." Much like the disaster in 1994 that gave us the Brady Instant Registration check (which is now registering gun owners by the thousands), you suggest that we fashion the chains that will bind us.

Rather than fight the registration of private sales at gun shows, you are presenting a false dilemma. To borrow a friend’s analogy "At what speed would you rather drive off the cliff, 60 mph or 90 mph?" Gun Owners do not want any of it to pass, and don’t want their elected officials to support any of it. Anyone with fingerprints on a bill like this is responsible for it passing, and gun owners deserve to know who is behind this appeasement tactic.

You state that you oppose safe storage laws (what we think are more accurately called Lock-Up-Your-Safety laws), yet at a news conference in November you asked Rep. Rob Fairbank to carry this very bill. It started out being a bill addressing firearms, it has evolved into storage of "weapons", and now, per our phone conversation, storage of anything. Regardless of semantics,

this bill would greatly affect how firearms owners protect themselves. For fear of being strung up before a kangaroo court populated by anti-gun jurists, gun owners would need to lock up their safety by storing the firearms they depend on for the protection of themselves and their families.

Though you do not use the name "safe storage" in the title of this bill, Gov. Owens referred to the bill as "safe storage" on KOA radio on January 3rd. This bill exists only because you asked a lawmaker to carry it, and it is a huge step backwards for Colorado gun owners.

Concealed carry is another issue that has concerned Colorado gun owners, but when Gov. Bill "Gun Control" Owens told lawmakers that he didn’t want to see a CCW bill after the Columbine incident, you killed your own bill.

You even admit in your response to Mr. Pratt that "The only reason [No Safety Zones] was added to my concealed carry bill was because the Governor said he would veto it if I didn't."

Apparently, when it is all said and done, Gov. Owens has the final say when it comes to your principles.

In 1994, 1996 and 1998, you signed a pledge with Gun Owners of America to support a Vermont law (copy enclosed, in case you forgot), yet in 1998 you voted against it. Last year, you opposed SB156 (the best concealed carry bill ever offered in Colorado) and made sure it did not make it through the House, stating that you knew the Governor wouldn’t sign it. It has become clear, in light of Gov. Owens’ harsh left-hand turn, that you were protecting the wrong interests. Rather than play political games, it would have made more sense to get behind the concealed carry bill in front of you and stand on principle.

In summary, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ message (and I’m sure Gun Owners of America’s) is very simple: NO GUN CONTROL. Anything even remotely resembling anti-gun legislation will be viewed in the worst possible light, and those responsible held accountable.

We are not interested in cutting any backroom deals to make gun control more palatable, nor to find ways to appease the liberal press with gun control dressed up in another costume.

You may be able to redeem yourself in gun owners’ eyes by apologizing for failing to support a more lenient concealed carry bill and for cutting backroom deals on our gun rights, and publicly oppose every Governor Owens gun control proposal.

When you wish to discuss ways to kill all of the gun control bills being proposed by both Democrats and Republicans, feel free to contact us.

For Freedom,


Dudley Brown
Executive Director

cc: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners members
Signed 1996 Gun Rights pledge

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