Legislative Committees to begin hearings on gun issues; 
Speaker pulls a fast one in House gun control bill assignment

Friday, January 21, 2000 -- The House and Senate have scheduled hearings on a number of gun controls proposals next week, with more surely to be heard shortly thereafter.

It's time to gear up the troops

On Monday, January 24th at 1:30 pm, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB10 (which limits lawsuits against firearms manufacturers), SB89 (which sets sweeping new limits on firearms transfers & age of possession), and SB125 (which authorizes the CBI to conduct the Brady Registration checks).  The schedule also announces that other firearms-related bills could be heard on that day, should any be introduced in time.

The hearing will be in room 356, which is where many gun bills have been heard in previous years (on third floor, between the elevators).

On Tuesday, January 25th, the House State Affairs Committee will hear one good bill (HB1208, another lawsuit limitation bill for gun manufacturers) as well as some disastrous bills: HB1220 (Under 21 Gun Show Purchase Prohibition) and HB1245 (Prohibiting Weapons on School Property).  That meeting will take place in room 0107 (in the basement of the Capitol, between the elevators) upon adjournment of the House (around 10:00 am).

There is also rumor that the House Judiciary Committee will hear a number of the "more reasonable" gun control proposals on Thursday.  We will forward any details as we confirm.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend.  If you want to testify on the bills, we suggest talking to RMGO Executive Director Dudley Brown for instructions.  Look for his RMGO nametag.

Here's what to do: Call the following State Senators and Representatives as soon as possible to urge them to vote against ALL of the gun control proposals, whether sponsored by liberal Democrats, moderate Republicans, or our turncoat Governor.

Some politicians are telling citizens they are opposing gun control, but then are actively working for "reasonable gun safety measures."  Once these laws get momentum, they will be difficult to stop and nearly impossible to repeal.  And don't assume a bill will stay in its current form: measures like the "Straw Purchase" bill could easily be amended to prohibit giving a firearm as a gift, and passed through the process quickly.  Let's kill these bills quickly, and get back to the business of concealed carry and passing a statewide preemption law.

You can call every House and Senate member, but especially call these lawmakers that are key to killing the gun control bills:

Senate Judiciary Committee Key members:

Sen. Ken Arnold (R-Westminster)      303-866-4876
John Andrews (R-Englewood)            303-866-4883
Mary Ellen Epps (R-Colo. Springs)    303-866-6364
John Evans (R-Douglas Co.)              303-866-4881

Statewide Senate (toll free)             1-888-473-8136


House State Affairs Committee Key members:

Andy McElhany, Chairman (R-Colo. Springs)    303-866-2904
Don Lee (R-Littleton)                                             303-866-2939
Penn Pfiffner (R-Lakewood)                                 303-866-2951
Bill Sinclair (R-Colo. Springs)                               303-866-2965
Joe Stengel (R-Littleton)                                        303-866-2953

Statewide House (toll free)              1-800-811-7647

If you get their voice mail, make certain to leave a nice but firm message that you want EVERY gun control bill killed NOW.

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