Put the heat on Gov. Gun Control!

With Bill Owens actively working against citizens' gun rights, it is high time we told him ENOUGH.

RMGO is joining a group of concerned citizens to protest Gov. Gun Control's lies and backstabbing.

On Thursday, Feb. 3, at 7 pm, everyone -- women, men, children, and anyone who cares about their gun rights -- is invited to meet at the park on 7th and Logan. The protest will last for a few hours, so please come even if you must show up late or leave early: the more, the merrier.

Once we have assembled, we will march north on Logan 1/2 block to the Governor's mansion, and DEMAND that he cease and desist his assault on our Second Amendment rights. Our gun rights are CIVIL RIGHTS, and we won't idly watch as politicians destroy our freedoms.

RMGO and others will supply the posterboard and pens, but bring either if you have them handy.

Remember, on Thursday night Owens cut a deal with hardcore gun-grabber Dem Rep. Ken Gordon to force Brady checks for private sales at gun shows. Owens is openly siding with most of the Dems (and left- leaning Republicans), and we know we are now facing a fight on the House floor.

We must drive a wedge between Owens and GOP elected officials with a very simple message: the GOP will lose gun votes if they back Gov. Gun Control's plans. And without gun rights supporters, the GOP is done for good.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call our office.

NOTE: Please do not wear camouflage nor NRA caps. We want this to be citizens organizing, not the same old tired story about "White Anglo Saxon Protestant Gun Nuts." The gun-grabber groups have done a good job of framing themselves as everyday people, despite the fact that most are raving socialists: let's re-frame our issue a bit at this protest.

If you cannot arrange a ride, let us know: we might be able to hook you up with people from your area who are car pooling.

Remember: Denver does not allow open carry and only allows concealed carry with a permit. It is up to you, but be forewarned.

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