400 Gun Rights activists march on Gov. Gun Control's mansion

Thursday, Feb. 3, 2000 -- Tonight over 400 true Second amendment patriots gathered at Governor's Park and marched on the Governor's Mansion. Over 100 came in buses and vans from Larimer County, 300 plus in the form of RMGO members, Libertarians from Colorado Springs, good folks from Ault, Fort Morgan, Boulder, Eaton, Niwot, Littleton.

They told the Governor he had sold them out. They shouted, "empty mansion empty promises, one term Bill, We voted wrong and we are sorry," most telling was "WE WON'T FORGET."

These were not NRA sponsored folks, they were just there to say how they feel about a Governor who asked for our vote with an official position paper, that would make Chuck Heston cry, then propose government control of our freedoms.

Forty years ago we sold guns mail order and the crime rate and serial shootings were infinitesimal in comparison to today and yet we have enacted more laws in these past forty years thinking they would make a difference. What have they helped? We need to change the hearts of people, not the laws that govern them.

The GOP who doubt the resolve of their core constituents need to reevaluate or they will lose the position they occupy today. Ask the former Sheriff of Larimer County.

D. Ray Hickman Fort Collins

Webmaster's note: we'll post photographs as they become available.

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