Mayor Webb’s Wall of Death to be unveiled….
RMGO to be there for festivities

Denver Mayor Wellington Webb will unveil his "Wall of Death" on Thursday, Feb. 10 at 11 AM in the Denver City Building (2nd floor rotunda). This wall is supposed to commemorate the 3,100 people lost to "gun violence" in 100 American cities since the Columbine incident.

His wall, a project of the US Conference of Mayors, is more aptly named "Web’s Iron Curtain" as it is just one more assault on our freedoms that effectively makes Denver residents (and visitors) wards of a police state.

In the same vein as our peaceful but poignant march on the Governor’s Mansion last week, RMGO is joining other concerned citizens at Webb’s supposedly public event. If you can attend, please call us at our office (303-432-3006)

Warning: do NOT bring in so much as a pocket knife into the city building, as Denver is not known for being lenient in these buildings.

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