Let’s tell Governor Owens ENOUGH!

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2000 - Though Gov. Owens claimed to be a strong supporter of our gun rights, he is now our biggest foe in the battle against gun control.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and the citizens that brought you the protest at the Governor’s Mansion invite you to join us again as we do our part to turn the tide against Gun Control, and the politicians that support it.

Join us in Northeast Colorado, where Gov. Bill “Gun Control” Owens is the speaker at a Republican party fundraiser. This is a great opportunity for gun rights activists to tell the Republican Party that Gov. Owens has betrayed our trust and his oath of office.

This protest will be conducted in the same manner as the Mansion Maul: we will exercise our 1st Amendment right to free speech by protesting the Governor’s flip-flop on the gun issue. Posterboard and pens will be provided: just bring a friend.

Who: You and dozens (maybe hundreds) other gun rights activists
What: Protest Governor Owens at a GOP Fundraiser
When: Monday, Feb. 21st at 6 pm
Where: Fort Morgan Quality Inn Hotel (I-76 and exit 75)
Call 303-432-3006 for more details

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