NRA, Heston publish support for SAFE's anti-gun agenda

Hardly a day goes by that the NRA doesn't end up agreeing with the anti-gun crowd (Project Gestapo being the chief instance) but rarely does the NRA allow this to become public knowledge.

In the October issue of Outdoor Life, NRA President Charlton Heston hung Colorado gun owners out to dry by supporting the concept of SAFE's anti-gun ballot initiative.

RMGO Executive Director Dudley Brown learned about the article after being blind-sided by a reporter, who claimed anyone opposing SAFE's ballot initiative was clearly out of the mainstream since Charlton Heston, Tom Mauser AND Sarah Brady agreed on the issue.

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"1. Do you support mandatory background checks for anyone purchasing firearms at gun shows?

Yes. Sixty percent of sales at gun shows are by licensed firearms dealers and already go through the instant background check. Last year, the NRA supported legislation to extend instant background checks to the remainder of sales at firearm shows, just like those done at gun stores today. But at the urging of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, the Democratic leadership in the U.S. House defeated the background check bill, sponsored by pro-gun Congressman John Dingell (D-Mich.)."

Some blind loyalists of the NRA claimed it was an old interview, and that Heston was taken out of context. In fact, several tried to physically bully RMGO board member Tom Minsel last weekend when Minsel was handing out copies of the article. Minsel, however, was practicing confrontational politics at its best by arming himself with facts and boldly standing his ground.

But RMGO staff talked to Outdoor Life Associate Editor Scott Bowen on Sept. 20 to determine the origin of Heston's comments.

Bowen said Outdoor Life sent both Heston and Brady a list of questions in early September of this year. Heston's comments were indeed his own, and official statements of the NRA.

Some readers might want to know what is gained by "inside bickering." But every gun rights activist, especially NRA members, should know what the NRA -- which has been dubbed "Too Afraid to Fight" for their lack of intestinal fortitude -- is doing with their dues, and their soapbox.

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