Clinton to be protested in Denver on Wed., April 12th

Wednesday, April 12th should be quite busy for gun rights activists, with 3 activities taking place in one day.  All events will be the same type of demonstrations we've set up for the last few months, just much bigger.

When: Where: What: Our Event
10:30 AM Colorado Convention Center
(14th & California) MAP LINK
SAFE/Clinton rally Counter Demonstration
1 pm Denver University, Sturm Hall
Just west of Evans & University
Clinton/NBC interview Counter Demonstration
8 pm Denver University Clinton/MSNBC Town Hall Counter Demonstration

RMGO and TRT urge everyone to show up in the morning, as this promises to be the largest event.

Plan on arriving early.  RMGO will have posterboard available, but pre-written signs ensure we have enough (so prepare in advance).

Any changes will be posted on this page, or announced at the 10:30 Demonstration.

Owens to be protested in Longmont on 31st

Thursday, March 16, 2000 -- RMGO will be sponsoring another large rally on Friday, March 31st in Longmont at the Raintree Plaza Hotel when Gov. Bill "Gun Control" Owens will be the speaker at the Boulder County GOP's Lincoln Day Dinner.

The rally will begin at 5:30 pm just outside the Raintree, and, again, posterboard will be provided. Bring friends, family members, or even students who want to get involved in defending their rights.

The Raintree Plaza Hotel is located on the South side of the Twin Peaks mall, just off the Boulder-Longmont Diagonal, at 1900 Ken Pratt Blvd. There is plenty of parking available, as the Hotel is literally located in the Mall's parking lot.

Call or e-mail RMGO with questions/comments/ideas.

Call Heritage Foundation... tell them Bill Owens is a traitor!

Wednesday, January 26, 2000 -- The Heritage Foundation, a Washington D.C. based think tank that claims to be active on conservative ideals, is hosting Colorado Governor Bill Owens for a discussion on "A year after Columbine: How do we heal a wounded culture?"

The announcement makes Gov. Owens look like a friend of liberty -- the liberty bell is the foundations' logo -- by saying that after Columbine "...liberals screamed for stricter gun control and more metal detectors.  Others, like Governor Bill Owens, looked deeper and saw the breakdown of the American family that started in the '60's as the more probable cause."

Either the Heritage Foundation -- often called the "Heretic Foundation" -- is ignorant, or this is a bold-faced lie.  As you all know, Gov. Bill "Gun Control" Owens has joined forces with the radical anti-gun crowd to offer a package of gun controls in the wake of Columbine. He's even vowed to support ballot initiatives offered by left-wing organizations dedicated to the confiscation of all firearms.

Owens' strategy is obvious, but his comments to the Denver Post are even more clear: "What are they going to do, vote Democrat?" Owens clearly takes the gun vote for granted, which has led many pro-gun leaders to call him "One Term Owens."

What you can do: Call the Heritage Foundation today at 1-800-544-4843 (then press 1 to skip the menus and ask to be transferred to events) or 202-546-4400, and tell them to cancel this event with Governor Gun Control.  Let them know that Gov. Owens is NOT a friend of liberty, and has teamed up with the anti-gun groups in Colorado to pass restrictions on our freedoms.

You can also e-mail them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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