Vermont-Style CCW Permits*
HB1242 by State Rep. Dave Schultheis

Full bill text
(requires Acrobat Reader)

Bill Summary

  • Requires each sheriff to issue a permit to any person who applies and is eligible to possess a handgun under federal and state law.
  • Requires permit be issued or denied within 15 days of application.
  • Makes permits effective in all areas of the state except in areas in which the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law.
  • Makes permits valid for 5 years and renewable for 5-year periods.
  • Requires each sheriff to request a CBI background check to determine eligibility, and allows a fee no greater than $100.
  • Prohibits a sheriff from imposing any criteria or requirements on a permit applicant beyond those specified in the Act.
  • Directs sheriffs to provide each applicant with information on safety courses available and law applicable to the legal use of deadly force.
  • Indemnifies sheriff from damages arising from the issuance of a permit if the sheriff acted in good faith in issuing the permit.
  • Provides reciprocity for permits issued by any state that accepts permits issued in Colorado.
  • Repeals authority of a chief of police to issue permits.
  • Allows existing permits to expire naturally.  Any permit issued prior to July 1, 2002 shall expire on expiration date specified on permit.

* Note: HB1242 is not a “Vermont Law” bill, as it still requires a permit.  A true “Vermont Law” is the absence of penalties for carrying concealed without a permit.  Therefore, HB1242 is considered a Vermont-STYLE permit bill: it puts the burden of proof on government to prove why a citizen is not allowed to possess a firearm (and therefore not allowed to carry).  If passed, HB1242 would be the second best CCW law in the nation.


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