Comparison of the two concealed carry bills being offered in the 2003 Colorado General Assembly


SB24 Chlouber/White

SB63 Lamborn/Schultheis

Max. cost and length

$100 + fingerprint fee / 5 years

$50 / 5 years




New Criminal Safezones

(no carry allowed except by criminals)

Public elementary, middle, junior high or high school (p. 24)

Facilities that screen electronically (p. 24)


Lamborn added an amendment which does not allow concealed carry in K-12 public schools "with criminal intent", which is already in the law.

Statewide database

Shared by law enforcement (p.17), sunsets in 2007

None - prohibited

Prohibition of Statewide database

Sunsets in 2007

(p. 7 and p. 9)


Long list (starting on p. 7)

Eligible to purchase a handgun (p. 4)

Fingerprint gathering

(p. 15)


Maximum time before issuing or denying

90 days

15 days


Handgun class within the last 10 years (p. 9)

Encouraged, but not required

Expiration of existing permits

June 2007 or initial expiration, whichever is sooner

Expire naturally, as issued

Arbitrary denial by sheriffs

“Documented previous behavior” (p. 10)

None (sheriffs currently deny arbitrarily, which has created our problem)

Legalized concealed carry in vehicle without permit

(p. 12)

Page to be renumbered

Preemption (bars municipalities from creating criminal safezones, denying permits, etc)

(p. 4 & 5)

(p. 3, 4 & 5)

Bar Sheriffs from gathering firearms serial numbers

Not addressed

Prohibited (p. 6)


(p. 23)

(p. 9)

Bill length

30 pages

12 pages

Weapons vs. handguns only concealed handguns concealed weapons
(such as hunting knives)



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