Does your sheriff enter you into a Criminal Database?

Feb. 11, 2004 - After more than a year of pressuring the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to release the names of those Sheriff Departments that enter Concealed Carry Permit Holders into the CBI Criminal Database, we now have the information.

Thanks to gutsy State Rep. Greg Brophy (R-Wray), this list is now public information.

Remember, Sheriff's offices (and the Denver police) are the only offices now issuing permits. But prior to the 2003 legislation, Police Departments also issued permits, and therefore could enter permit holders into CCIC, the Colorado Crime Information Center.

CCIC Updated list (3/15/07)

When the 2003 law was passed, it allowed Sheriffs to continue to enter these names into the database. House Bill 1205, which will be heard on Monday, Feb. 16th, would make that statewide database of permit holders illegal.

Why would a sheriff want to enter permit holders into that database? Essentially, their claim can be distilled down to keeping records on "persons of interest." What that means is that you are considered a dangerous person, just like a convicted rapist or murderer.

The following Sheriff Departments are entering concealed carry permit holders into CCIC. Included are the number of entries into that database from that department (if the number is very small, such as El Paso county, it means they are not entering permit holders into CCIC):

Sheriff Offices

SO Adams County             732
SO Arapahoe County         146
SO Archuleta County         151
SO Boulder County             669
SO Delta County                 182
SO Dolores County             27
SO Eagle County                 42
SO Elbert County                 18
SO El Paso County             1
SO Fremont County             103
SO Gilpin County                 34
SO Gunnison County           77
SO Hinsdale County             36
SO Jefferson County         1460
SO Kit Carson County        40
SO Lake County                 38
SO La Plata County           666
SO Larimer County            2425
SO Lincoln County             5
SO Logan County             54
SO Mesa County             1085
SO Moffat County             6
SO Montezuma County     1
SO Montrose County       389
SO Otero County             32
SO Ouray County             11
SO Pitkin County             27
SO Rio Blanco County   100
SO San Juan County        4
SO Teller County             167
SO Yuma County             22
SO Broomfield                 103


Police Departments

PD Greenwood Village     7
PD Pagosa Springs         1
PD Carbondale                 5
PD Gunnison                     2  
PD Arvada                         1
PD Golden                         24
PD Edgewater                  1
PD Fort Collins                 1
PD Palisade                     29
PD Monte Vista                8

To contact any of the sheriff's departments, go to:


What you can do about it?

We'll be offering suggestions as to how to pass HB1205 through the Colorado House (it already has every member of the committee it is being heard by as a co-sponsor) later.

For now, you should call your sheriff's department (if on this list) and DEMAND to be removed from this criminal database. It is an incredible outrage that Sheriffs would include permit holders on a statewide database with criminals, all designed to track you.

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