S.1805 Monstrosity dead -- RMGO members deserve huge credit

March 2, 2004 - Though you can expect a full and lengthy account of the events today, we wanted to send out an immediate message of thanks to RMGO activists for being one of the driving forces to kill S.1805, which became a full-blown gun control bill.

Earlier today -- as expected -- S.1805 had a number of anti-gun amendments attached, including a renewal of the assault weapons ban and closing the "gun show loophole".

In other words, there was no way even the compromisers who run the NRA Capitol Hill lobbying program could deny it: S.1805 was a gun control bill.

The NRA's original plan was to pass it to the House with these (and possibly other) gun controls on the bill, then hope the House leadership stripped them out. This incredibly risky strategy was a recipe for disaster, but it was a meal we would all have to stomach -- until a number of state-level gun rights organizations decided to take action.

We weren't alone -- a loose-knit group of no compromise organizations like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners followed our lead, and rallied the troops.

With your action -- remember, ideas do not have consequences, only actions do -- we put the heat on the NRA. They were playing poker with OUR gun rights, and they're playing a very risky strategy. Our message was NO THANKS!

And, of course, their apologists came out of the woodwork, first claiming there were no sneaky deals and then claiming the deals would work.

Don't let anyone tell you differently: there was a deal in the works, but the grassroots said "No more backroom deals in smoke-filled rooms, no more sneaky insider maneuvers, no more compromises."

It was because of you, and your actions, that we won this battle.

You'll hear the NRA claim they planned on killing it in the Senate once the bill wasn't clean, but we all know that isn't accurate: Even an hour before the final vote today, the NRA was saying they would fix the bill in the House.

We all know what we get when we let the NRA drive the bus: they come back to us, apologizing that they couldn't win and telling us that the gun controls that passed (with the NRA's help) aren't as bad as those that were proposed. Again, no thanks.

We all want to protect firearms manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits, but it simply isn't worth the possibility of passing a renewal of the Assault Weapons ban, trigger locks, gun show restrictions, NRA-supported "Armor Piercing Ammo" bans, cops only concealed carry, etc.

In the end, we all did what we had to do: oppose gun control, no matter who is pushing it.

In the next few days we'll write a blow-by-blow of this entire battle.

For now, know that the grassroots activists have won the day.

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