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July 15, 2004

Dear friend of freedom,

They’re stripping us of our First Amendment rights so they can destroy our Second Amendment rights.

I know this sounds like something out of a George Orwell novel, but politicians –- along with liberal, gun-grabbing interest groups –- don’t want grassroots organizations like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners to be effective in defending our rights.

Fortunately for us, they’ve left a loophole.

But first, let me back up and start from the beginning.

You know me as the Executive Director of Colorado’s largest gun rights group.

I’ve fought alongside you –- and thousands like you –- to defend freedom and advance the cause of liberty for more than a decade.

Even after the Columbine tragedy, when most of the so-called “pro-gun” groups scurried away with a feeble look on their face (which only made gun owners look guilty for the vile acts of two deranged madmen), I pro-actively defended our views and constitutional rights. Geraldo Rivera heaped his scorn on me when I was a guest on his “news” program, but I wear that scorn as a badge of honor.

But I write you today in a different capacity.

You see, I’ve formed Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC.

What’s a PAC? A “political action committee” is an entity that can endorse candidates, give them money, and –- more importantly –- tell citizens the truth about candidates who run for office.

In years past, RMGO has had the most active gun issues PAC in Colorado. And it has been helpful to elect strong, no-compromise candidates to the legislature.

But this election year things have changed. The anti-gunners have decided that they can shut us – you, me and our entire grassroots network –- down by passing limitations on our free speech.

In other words, these gun-grabbers will stomp on our First Amendment rights of free speech so that they can savage our Second Amendment rights with impunity. And make no mistake about it, once RMGO is hamstrung, they’ll be no united group left to stand for freedom in Colorado.

Unfortunately for the gun-banners, they left a little “loophole”.

By passing draconian limits on free speech for organizations like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, they’ve left a gap that actually gives us an advantage.

You see, the gun-grabbers think firearms owners are a rich bunch, and that fatcat donors write $100,000 checks to bankroll our efforts.

Though I’m happy they are under that illusion, I don’t mind telling you that they have things wrong –- very wrong.

RMGO and RMGO PAC are grassroots organizations. Though we’d love to have a big donor write a huge check to give us the resources to fight gun control and advance freedom, it hasn’t happened –- and probably won’t. We’re too uncompromising in our defense of freedom for most of the bluebloods to donate to us.

We do, however, have a lot of people –- just like you –- who work for a living, go about your everyday lives, and care about freedom.

Here’s where it gets interesting: the new campaign laws allow for the formation of a “Small Donor PAC”.

That’s what RMGO PAC is filed as. And RMGO PAC can only accept donations of $50 per person (so a couple could give $100).

Unlike other PACs –- which are limited to donating small amounts to state-level offices –- a small donor PAC can give up to $4,000 per election year.

And RMGO PAC can spend up to that amount educating voters about candidates and telling the truth about their stances on guns.

This is huge! Through this loophole, we can have an enormous effect on who is elected.

I believe we should use this to our advantage.

Our plan is to get thousands of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners members and gun rights activists across the state to donate $50 per person –- the maximum you can give.

Can you imagine what we can do with that kind of clout?

This could lead to the biggest change in Colorado history...

...but only if you will join with RMGO PAC and donate the maximum amount.

If we can get gun owners to band together, united in the cause of freedom, to fully fund this PAC, we can make an enormous difference for in our state.

State law only allows you to donate $50 per person – or $100 per couple – to this Small Donor PAC, and so it is imperative that everyone give the maximum donation – or at least as much as you can afford.

In fact, it is vital that we all give sacrificially to this PAC, or the enemies of our firearms freedoms will almost certainly will beat us.

That’s why I need you to do these three things today:

1. Use the following Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC “Freedom 2004 Campaign” reply to indicate to me if you would like to be a part of the largest gun rights political action committee in Colorado history.

2. Donate the maximum amount -- $50 per person -– to RMGO PAC, and send it off today.

Don’t forget to fill in the “Occupation” and “Employer” lines – silly as they might be, they are yet another example of the limitations being placed on free Americans by the anti-gun liberals who pass these new campaign finance laws.

Unfortunately, we don't have the equipment to take credit card donations to our PAC (our PAC's bank account must be totally separate from our regular organization's finances).

3. Get your wife, a friend, a family member or a shooting buddy from your local gun club to contribute and use the bottom contribution form.

But don’t wait – you must hurry. The Primary election is only weeks away, and your contribution could mean the difference between a win or a loss for a solid, pro-gun State House candidate.

All you need to do is print out the below reply, fill it out, and send it off with your donation. I've also attached an html document that you can print out as a reply. (or you can find this document on our webpage HERE.

If you'd like to get your friends from work involved in this effort, you can print out the reply and urge them to donate as well.

It truly is that important, and time is VERY short.

You can be a part of one of the biggest battles in Colorado history. I hope you will.

For freedom,


Dudley Brown

P.S. Though new campaign finance laws were meant to shut out gun owners, we have something the gun-grabbers in both parties don’t: grassroots activism.

I hope you will donate the maximum allowable by law –- $50 –- to the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC today!

Paid for by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC, Dudley Brown Treasurer

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