Urge Gov. Owens to appeal anti-gun Denver court decision

Shortly after the Nov. 3rd General Election a Denver judge issued a ruling that invalidates much of the 2003 Preemption law passed by the Colorado legislature.

You can read that decision by clicking here.

You can read Senator Mark Hillman's comments on the issue by clicking here.

What it boils down to is a debate over Article XX, Section 6 of the Colorado Constitution, called the "Home Rule" amendment, and whether the state can "preempt" local ordinances.

By his ruling, Judge Joseph Meyer has re-created another problem in Colorado: a patchwork of firearms laws will now once again exist, and citizens' safety will be at risk.

Governor Owens has a few options: he can ignore it, and essentially drop the issue, in which case most of Colorado's larger cities will enact stringent new gun controls (in total defiance to the Colorado Constitutions Article II, Section 13 provision denying them that ability); or, he can instruct the Attorney General to appeal this ruling.

What you can do: For once, we agree with CSSA -- call Governor Bill Owens at 303-866-2471. You can also e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ask the Governor to appeal the Denver District court judge's ruling on preemption, and to defend SB03-25, which was passed by the legislature to stop the radical gun controls imposed on citizens by cities like Denver.

Whichever way you contact him, make certain to include a Colorado mailing address.

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