Bad news for Colorado Gun Owners

June 5, 2006 -- I just got a call from John Sternberg, the plaintiff in the suit against the city and county of Denver.

John has put a lifetime's worth of work into a suit to try to force Denver to follow the 2003 Preemption legislation passed by the Colorado General Assembly.

John said the Colorado Supreme Court just announced they split their decision on his appeal to the November 2004 Meyers decision. 3 justices wanted to overturn Meyers, while 3 wanted it to stand. A new justice could not vote on the case because she had been involved in it prior to her appointment.

That means the Nov. 2004 Meyers decision, which ruled that our state constitution's "Home Rule" provision allowed Denver to ignore some provisions of the preemption law, is now in effect.

Click here for the text of the decision.

You can read the November 2004 Meyers decision at:

You can read our Amicus brief on this case at:

John Sternberg promised us a short memo on what today's Colorado Supreme Court InDecision mean's to gun owners, and when we get that we'll forward it.

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