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March 14, 2007 - We've once again -- via pro-gun State Senator Scott Renfroe -- requested a list of sheriffs who enter permit holders into the statewide criminal database.  They're listed below, along with the name of the elected official (Sheriff) who made the decision to enter permit holders into that database, and treat you like a criminal.

Remember, Sheriff's offices (and the Denver police) are the only offices now issuing permits. It's voluntary to enter you into that database -- at least right now, though we expect the Chiefs and Sheriffs to attempt to change the law to make it mandatory, thereby removing them from responsibility

You might like your county sheriff personally, and have shot at the range with him.  But make no mistake about it: if a sheriff enters you -- who have jumped through ample and expensive hurdles to get a concealed carry permit -- into a criminal database (CBI has now created a special database for permit holders, but it is accessed the same way and has all the same unsafe implications) your sheriff is NOT a good guy.

Don't let a sheriff snow you with "pro-gun" talk.  They are politicians, and know this is a hot button issue to gun owners.  Hold them accountable by putting heat on them on this issue.

Even the sheriffs who do not enter permit holders into the statewide criminal database may still be guilty by association: their organization -- the County Sheriffs of Colorado -- is the organization driving this issue, and unless a sheriff has fought against this issue within CSOC (by actively opposing HB1174), his organization is the reason you may be treated like a criminial.

RMGO first reported the story about this issue back in December of 2002.  At that time, many of the "gun groups" ignored the issue.

Why would a sheriff want to enter permit holders into that database? Essentially, their claim can be distilled down to keeping records on "persons of interest." What that means is that you are considered a dangerous person, just like a convicted rapist or murderer.

The following Sheriff Departments are entering concealed carry permit holders into CCIC.

Colorado Counties which enter Concealed Carry Permit Holders into the Criminal Database
Provided by CBI on 3/09/07

County Offending Sheriff # in CCIC
Adams Doug Darr 1688
Alamosa Dave Strong 68
Archuleta Pete Gonzalez 606
Arapahoe Grayson Robinson 2873
Baca Steve Salzbrenner 1
Bent Gerry Oyen 13
Boulder Joseph Pelle 1307
Broomfield Tom Deland 258
Clear Creek Don Kruger 1
Crowley Miles Clark 16
Denver * Chief Whitman 1209
Delta Fred McKee 429
Dolores Jerry Martin 48
Eagle Joseph Hoy 141
Elbert William Frangis 18
Fremont James Beicker 611
Garfield Lou Vallario 5
Gilpin Bruce Hartman 70
Gunnison Rick Murdie 120
Hinsdale Ronald Bruce 67
Jefferson Ted Mink 3792
Kit Carson Ed Raps 62
Lake Ed Holte 51
La Plata Duke Schirard 861
Larimer Jim Alderden 3111
Lincoln Tom Nestor 5
Logan Brett Powell 85
Mesa Stan Hilkey 2181
Moffat Tim Jantz 123
Montezuma Gerald Wallace 457
Montrose Rick Dunlap 548
Otero Chris Johnson 67
Ouray Dominic Mattivi 32
Park Fred Wegener 409
Pitkin Bob Braudis 80
Prowers Jim Faull 39
Rio Blanco Si Woodruff 176
Rio Grande Brian Norton 5
San Juan Sue Kurtz 5
Teller Kevin Dougherty 697
Yuma Sam McCoy 63


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