2008 Presidential Candidates' Gun Rights Score Card


With the 2008 Presidential election drawing near, campaigns are now being forced to take positions on Second Amendment issues. We'll attempt to document and grade both parties candidates, and let you know when new information arises. Check below for more information on the posting criteria.

The purpose of the NAGR Presidential Gun Rights Score Card is to cut through the election year rhetoric and reveal the truth about the Presidential candidates' records on gun control. Support of the the right to keep and bear arms, a basic constitutionally protected freedom, should be expected from those who seek the highest office in the land.

Research for the score card continues. If you don't see a particular candidate listed they may have met the minimum requirements of respect for our constitutional rights or we are still building a case against them.

Dates of Evidence

Click Candidate Name for the Facts

July 2007
May 2007
April 2007
January 2007

October 2006
May 2002
February 2001

100% Pro-gun record

Dec. 2007

July 1998
Sept. 2004

May 2000

No Longer Candidates

Dates of Evidence

Click Candidate Name for the Facts

June 2000
March 2000
March 1997
May 1995

October 2002
October 1999
June 1999

April 2007
March 2004

March 1999
March 1997
May 1995

Jan. 2004

July 2008

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