Look down the ballot....

With all of the attention on the Presidential race -- a race in which, in my opinion, gun owners have no good, viable option -- a voter might forget about the rest of the elections he will be voting upon.

And while I'm interested in what's happening in the Presidential race, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is focusing on Colorado races.

In other words, look down the ballot a bit...

All of Colorado will be voting on the open U.S. Senate seat, and if our group had a federal PAC, we'd be openly supporting Bob Schaffer against Boulder liberal Mark Udall. Though I wouldn't classify Bob Schaffer a hero, he voted pro-gun when in Congress, even better than the U.S. Senator he's trying to replace.

If you live in Northern or Eastern Colorado, Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave can easily be labeled a hero. While in the Colorado legislature her stances and actions for gun owners are legendary, standing up against any compromise of our Second Amendment rights. And in Congress, as Chairwoman of the House Second Amendment Caucus, she has worked tirelessly to regain the rights we've lost.

If you live in Senate District 19 (Arvada/Westminster), you'd have the chance to vote for Libby Szabo, a firebrand of a gal RMGO PAC endorsed early on. She's facing hard-left liberal Evie Hudak, and it looks like Szabo may win despite the terrible environment for Republicans.

Senate District 25 in the Brighton area pits Republican Robert John Hadfield against State Rep. Mary Hodge. Hodge voted against concealed carry (as well as every good amendment to the legislation), against Make My Day Better, in favor of putting concealed weapons permit holders in the criminal database.

Senate District 16 pits proven pro-gunner Don Ytterberg against Democrat State Sen. Dan Gibbs. Gibbs unapologetically supported the extension of the entry of ccw permit holders into the CCIC database, something reprehensible to every gun owner.

Even if you are not motivated by the presidential race, there are other reasons to vote.


Dudley Brown
Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

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