H-S Precision uses Fed Ruby Ridge shooter for marketing

Custom gun shop H-S Precision uses Horiuchi to sell guns to the FBI

South Dakota custom gun shop H-S Precision is using Lon Horiuchi as FBI Program Manager to sell their tactical rifles to the FBI and other federal agencies.

You can see Horiuchi used in an H-S Precision ad campaign:

Horiuchi was the FBI Hostage Rescue Team's sniper at Ruby Ridge, where he murdered Randy Weaver's wife Vicki as she held their young daughter. An Idaho District Attorney filed manslaughter charges against Horiuchi for his involvement in the botched raid on the Weaver household, but he was predictably found not guilty.

Horouchi was also involved in the disastrous raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. Three of the twelve 7.62x51mm sniper rounds fired at the Branch Davidian building were found at Horiuchi's position, though the Justice department has attempted to hide his involvement in the shooting.

A firearms manufacturer using a murderer like Horiuchi is rather like Adolph Eichmann endorsing a pesticide company.

Are you outraged by this?

I know I am, but there is something you can do. Join the boycott of H-S Precision by telling them you won't buy gun from a company that hires a murderer.

Tell them to dump Horiuchi or gun owners will dump them.

You can contact H-S Precision by phone, fax, e-mail or snail-mail at:

(605) 341-3006 TEL
(605) 342-8964 FAX
Email: info@hsprecision.com

You can read more about the FBI's cover-up of Vicki Weaver's murder by Lon Horiuchi, here.

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