March 9 class, Wyoming reciprocity at risk, Bills gutted and killed

RMGO is now offering monthly Concealed Carry classes in Fort Collins.  We're scheduling them on the second Monday night of each month, so March 9th is our next class.

Click here to sign up for our March 9th, 2009 Fort Collins Concealed Carry Class.

These classes fill up rapidly, so register in advance to reserve a seat.

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Wyoming reciprocity at risk, help needed for WyGO!

You might think rural Wyoming safe from the clutches of gun-grabbers, but you'd be wrong.

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation issued a letter saying it would end reciprocity with 14 other states, including Colorado, because a "study" revealed permit standards were different in other states.  Of course, the bureaucrats who conducted the study failed to mention that reciprocity agreements between states have done nothing to increase crime and are wildly successful.

Though the WDCI is now backing off of that decision, it highlights the need for a real, no-compromise group in our neighboring state.

Just this fall we helped form Wyoming Gun Owners, and are working to make them a solvent, stable organization that can fight for our issues in Wyoming.

If you'd like to donate to Wyoming Gun Owners (even just a few dollars), click here for their secure, online payment method.

Rest assured we'll be working with WyGO on issues like this.

Brady Bypass bill gutted while Brophy's Heller Enforcement bill killed

A bill in the Colorado legislature designed to allow concealed carry permit holders to bypass Brady Registration Checks for firearms purchases was heavily amended by the House Judiciary Committee after testimony from the Sheriff's Association and Chief's Association opposing the measure.

Most members of the committee ignored the fact that permit holders already go through a more rigorous background check (including the unnecessary fingerprinting), and are extremely unlikely to commit crimes that would deny them firearms purchases.

The bill passed the committee, but only after it's main goal was gutted.  The legislation, HB1180, now simply conforms Colorado CCW law to federal standards by making applicants attest to U.S. citizenship (which is required by the BATFE for Brady Bypass).

The bill now goes to the full House for debate, and we're working with the sponsor to see if it can be salvaged.

Another bill, SB74, died in the Senate State Affairs Committee.  It would have stripped Denver's "Lock-up-your-safety" law based on last summer's Heller case.

"This means the Heller decision did virtually nothing, since the only gun control law it expressly prohibited is still in place in Denver," RMGO Executive Director Dudley Brown said.

The Senate State Affairs Committee also killed SB8, by Sen. Ted Harvey and Rep. Cory Gardner, which would have expanded the Make My Day law to business owners.

You can track legislation in the Colorado General Assembly here.

Another reminder: Fort Morgan shoot March 27-29

The annual .50 cal and Machine Gun Shoot in Morgan County is scheduled for March 27, 28 & 29th.

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