Colorado Community Colleges Lift Carry Ban

Colorado's Community Colleges lift carry ban

Yesterday (5/10/10) the Colorado Community College System instructed Colorado's Community Colleges to allow permit holders to carry on campus.

That directive was written and signed by System President Nancy McCallin.  You can read that directive here.

This applies to all taxpayer funded community colleges in the system.  RMGO is working on publishing a list, but expect this directive to take some time to filter down to bureaucrats who, frankly, would rather deny you the ability to carry on their (actually our) campuses.

A special thanks to the good and diligent work of Attorney Jim Manley at Mountain States Legal Foundation.  Jim serves as Colorado State Director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, and is the lead attorney on the CU case (which is facing a deadline this week on that case).  Jim also wrote the Amicus Brief Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) filed on the McDonald case.

Mountain States Legal Foundation is working with RMGO and NAGR on some other issues, which we'll alert you about later.

But, the ball is rolling, and right now, we're on the winning side.

Once again, a special thanks to those who have supported our work.

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