Criminals, sex offenders and . . .

. . . concealed weapon permit holders.

For years, the State of Colorado has stored personal, private information about permit holders in the same database as the most dangerous individuals in Colorado.

Unfortunately, many sheriffs in Colorado voluntarily offer up private data about concealed weapons permit holders in their county to the Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC).

That's right, your personal information is stored in a "Crime" information center -- all because you went through the trouble of getting a concealed weapons permit.

The private information stored in Colorado's concealed weapon permit holder database includes, but is not limited to, your:

>>> Social Security number;

>>> Driver's license number;

>>> Occupation;

>>> Home address and telephone number.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Your private information is available to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) -- at any time -- subject to be passed onto the FBI's national gun owner database at Quantico, VA.

I do have some good news.

Soon, you and I can stop this unconstitutional collection of private data.

Thanks to the efforts of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, beginning July 1, it will be illegal for ANY sheriff to share ANY information about concealed weapon permit holders with ANY law enforcement agency for the purpose of creating a database of permit holders.

But that's not all.

ALL information concerning concealed weapon permit holders contained within the CCIC MUST BE REMOVED no later than July 1.

You read that correctly.

The CCIC must be wiped clean of gun owner data by July 1!

I would love to say that you and I will wake up July 2 with our private information no longer collected within a Colorado state government database . . .

. . . but I have to tell you, that is not a sure thing.

With anti-gun Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper sitting in the Governor's mansion anything is possible, even an executive order extending the life of this illegal collection of personal data.

You and I must be prepared in case Governor Hickenlooper or CBI bureaucrats decide to stick it to Colorado gun owners.

In fact, I was so certain that you would support a legal challenge to make sure this information is no longer collected -- and destroy what currently exists -- I have gone ahead and filed legal papers.

But taking on Governor Hickenlooper, and the CCIC, won't be cheap.

That's why I'm counting on you to help me cobble together a "Delete the Database" war chest of $20,000.

Can you afford to help fill the war chest with a generous contribution of $500, $100, $50 or whatever you can afford?

I plan on being in Downtown Denver at the headquarters of the CBI on July 5 demanding to receive personal confirmation that the concealed weapon permit holder database has been deleted and is no longer collecting data.

If I find out that the database continues to collect, store and function as an illegal collection of private information about permit holders, I want to be able to file in court -- IMMEDIATELY!

Will you chip in to support this effort?

Not only am I passionate about protecting your ability to carry here in Colorado but also your ability to carry without ANY government agency knowing that you do.

For years, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has fought against this illegal collection and storing of data on your behalf.

Now, you and I have an opportunity to end it once and for all.

Will you join me in this battle?


Dudley Brown
Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

P.S. The State of Colorado is collecting personal, private data about concealed weapons permit holders in a criminal database.

On July 1, Colorado law requires the database to be eliminated and wiped clean -- but only if Governor Hickenlooper doesn't intervene to extend its' life.

Please help fill the "Delete the Database" war chest by making a generous contribution of $500, $100, $50 or whatever you can afford.

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