NRA, Heston publish support for SAFE's anti-gun agenda

Hardly a day goes by that the NRA doesn't end up agreeing with the anti-gun crowd (Project Gestapo being the chief instance) but rarely does the NRA allow this to become public knowledge.

In the October issue of Outdoor Life, NRA President Charlton Heston hung Colorado gun owners out to dry by supporting the concept of SAFE's anti-gun ballot initiative.

RMGO Executive Director Dudley Brown learned about the article after being blind-sided by a reporter, who claimed anyone opposing SAFE's ballot initiative was clearly out of the mainstream since Charlton Heston, Tom Mauser AND Sarah Brady agreed on the issue.

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"1. Do you support mandatory background checks for anyone purchasing firearms at gun shows?

Yes. Sixty percent of sales at gun shows are by licensed firearms dealers and already go through the instant background check. Last year, the NRA supported legislation to extend instant background checks to the remainder of sales at firearm shows, just like those done at gun stores today. But at the urging of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, the Democratic leadership in the U.S. House defeated the background check bill, sponsored by pro-gun Congressman John Dingell (D-Mich.)."

Some blind loyalists of the NRA claimed it was an old interview, and that Heston was taken out of context. In fact, several tried to physically bully RMGO board member Tom Minsel last weekend when Minsel was handing out copies of the article. Minsel, however, was practicing confrontational politics at its best by arming himself with facts and boldly standing his ground.

But RMGO staff talked to Outdoor Life Associate Editor Scott Bowen on Sept. 20 to determine the origin of Heston's comments.

Bowen said Outdoor Life sent both Heston and Brady a list of questions in early September of this year. Heston's comments were indeed his own, and official statements of the NRA.

Some readers might want to know what is gained by "inside bickering." But every gun rights activist, especially NRA members, should know what the NRA -- which has been dubbed "Too Afraid to Fight" for their lack of intestinal fortitude -- is doing with their dues, and their soapbox.

Million Commie Mommies in Denver; Protest Planned

With the Million Commie Mommies having their National Board Meeting in Denver this weekend, RMGO has teamed up with other organizations to steal some of the MMM media.

On Friday, Sept. 15th the TRT is leading a demonstration at the Hyatt Regency (17th & Welton, the site of our protest against James Brady earlier this year) beginning at 6:30 pm.

On Saturday, Sept. 16th from 10 am to 4 pm Crystal Albertus and the Second Amendment Sisters will lead the Ladies of the Tyranny Response Team & Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in a protest. These Constitution-loving gals invite you and your children (hubbies welcome too) to make a stand for freedom.

Let the (much less than a) million moms know they don't speak for you.

Wed., August 9, 2000

Gun Rights Advocates Win Big in Colorado’s Primary Elections;
Gov. “Gun Control” Owens a Lead Anchor

Though most pundits had written off candidates who strongly support gun rights, Tuesday’s Primary Election in Colorado showed that standing firm on the issue was the key to victory, said the State’s largest gun rights organization.

“Candidates who didn’t back down on the Second Amendment won big in the GOP primaries,” said Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.  “The gun-grabbers really got their clocks cleaned last night.”

Brown is referring to a score of state legislative primary battles where firearms rights were an issue in the race, and where the most “pro-gun” candidates won.

“In almost every case, guns were the major issue,” Brown said.  “We advised candidates to stand against gun control, and voters agreed with us.”

Topping the list of upsets was the victory of Bruce Cairns of Aurora, who ran against well-financed and Gov. Owens backed State. Rep. Gary McPherson, who was the term-limited heir-apparent to Senate District 28.  Cairns defied “experts” by handily defeating McPherson 58% to 42%, largely on the gun issue.

Brown said McPherson, a 4-term legislator, had voted for numerous compromises on the right to keep and bear arms, compromises gun owners don’t take lightly.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners mailed heavily in Senate District 28, informing voters and lobbying McPherson to “change his ways.”  Instead, voters changed elected officials.

Gov. Owens apparently was little help – he backed McPherson early, but failed to make the difference in his own back yard.  Owens also backed two other current legislators, Ron May and Lauri Clapp, who both won but by very slim margins in races where their challengers, Douglas Bruce and Heidi Frey, were given little chance.

“Gov. Gun Control was a lead anchor in this primary,” said Brown.  “Where Owens got involved, he either lost the race or tightened what would have been a runaway race.  It’s clear by his icy reception at the State GOP convention and with primary voters that Bill Owens has misread the Republican Party on gun issues.”

Lauri Clapp, a first-term Republican from Englewood, was opposed from the left by Heidi Frey, a gun control advocate.  But Brown claims Clapp ran from the gun issue, failing to define her campaign and aligning herself with Gov. Owens, who has backed numerous gun control issues.

Brown blames the closeness of the race on Clapp’s betrayal of her base vote, namely gun owners.

“Once Heidi Frey started attacking Clapp for being too pro-gun, Clapp got weak-kneed, refused to answer the RMGO survey, and started talking about ‘reasonable’ gun control,” said Brown.

“Clapp stood strong with us in her 1st election in 1998, then backed off by refusing to even answer our survey this election,” said Brown.  “Many of our members, frankly, were ticked off, and probably stayed home.”

Brown claims Clapp would have won her race by an overwhelming margin, like the Cairns-McPherson race, had she stood firm with gun owners.

Brown cited other races where the candidate with the more pro-gun stance won, and where RMGO played an active role informing voters, including House District 31 where Pam Rhodes beat Barb Kirkmeyer, HD40 where Debbi Stafford defeated Pete Kirchhof, HD26 where gun advocate Scott McKay easily defeated Gene Motta, HD22 where Dave Schultheis won, Senate District 21 where Penn Pfiffner prevailed, SD26 where Jim Dyer beat well-know liberal Martha Kreutz, and HD51 where Tim Fritz won.  All of these races, claims Brown, were won by the more pro-gun candidate.




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