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Support SB10 Rep. Clapp / Sen. Teck Firearms Manufacturers
Lawsuit Limitation
Oppose SB89 Sen. Hernandez Raise Age for Handgun & "Assault Weapon" Purchase,  Brady Checks for All Gun Show Purchases Dead
Oppose SB125 Sen. Owen / Rep. Toole CBI Brady Registration check authorization Signed into law Passed


SB152 Sen. Tebedo Concealed carry optional for Sheriffs Dead


SB154 Sen. Tebedo Expand carrying in vehicle w/o permit Signed into law Passed
Oppose SB166 Sen. Pascoe Trigger locks, raise age Dead
Support HB1114 Rep. Lee / Sen. Chlouber CCW Permit Info. Confidentiality Vetoed Vetoed
Oppose HB1197 Rep. S. Williams /
Sen. Perlmutter
Negligent Storage of Firearms Dead
Oppose HB1201 Rep. McElhany / Sen. Epps Felon Weapon Possession Penalty Increase Senate Appropriations
Support HB1208 Rep. Clapp / Sen. Teck Firearms Manufact.
Lawsuit Limitation
Governor's desk
Oppose HB1214 Rep. Decker /
Sen. Sullivant
Straw Purchases Senate Judic. Passed
Oppose HB1220 Rep. Zimmerman /
Sen. Phillips
Raise Gun Show Purchase Age to 21 Dead


HB1234 Rep. Mitchell / Sen. Hillman Firearms Aggravating Factor for Death Penalty Governor's desk


HB1235 Rep. Lee / Sen. Teck Fingerprinting of juveniles Signed into law Passed
Oppose HB1240 Rep. Chavez / Sen. Perlmutter Include Juvenile Records for Brady Checks Signed into law Passed
Oppose HB1241 Rep. Lee / Teck Felon Weapon Possession Penalty Increase Dead
Oppose HB1242 Rep. Gordon Brady Checks for All Gun Show Purchases Dead


HB1243 Rep. Lee / Teck Parental Consent for
Juvenile Firearm Transfer
Signed into law
Oppose HB1245 Rep. Windels Prohibit Weapons on School Property Dead
Oppose HB1272 Rep. Gotlieb Prohibit gun sales to 18-20 year old Dead


HB1289 Rep. Hefley Preemption Dead

Gun Show Private Sale Brady Registration bill in trouble

Friday, Feb. 4, 2000 -- House Bill 1242, the measure that forces Brady Registration checks on private sales at gun shows, is up against the ropes and could be killed.

Let's help that bill take a dirt nap: call these swing vote State Legislators on the House Appropriations Committee , and tell them to vote against HB1242:

State Rep. Debbie Allen
State Rep. Gayle Berry
Grand Jct.
State Rep. Joyce Lawrence

State Rep. Brady Young

State Rep. Nancy Spence
State Rep. Gary McPherson

You can call any State House member toll free by dialing 1-800-811-7647.

This committee is the last barrier before the bill makes it to the House floor, where it will be much more difficult to kill.

And the gun-grabber organizations are lobbying Rep. Allen very hard - they think she is the swing vote they need, so our pressure is even more important.

All of these legislators are Republicans, but not all the Republicans are on the fence: Committee Chairman Steve Tool of Fort Collins is openly supporting this gun control bill.

Governor Bill "Gun Control" Owens is actively pushing this bill, and was the driving force (along with House Speaker Russ George) behind getting this measure out of the House Judiciary Committee.

Tell the legislators that forcing private sales at gun shows to go through Brady Registration checks is just another backdoor method at gun owner registration. The next so-called "loophole" will be private sales in the newspaper, or private transfers in your own home, like when Grandpa gives his 22 year old grandson the family shotgun.

400 Gun Rights activists march on Gov. Gun Control's mansion

Thursday, Feb. 3, 2000 -- Tonight over 400 true Second amendment patriots gathered at Governor's Park and marched on the Governor's Mansion. Over 100 came in buses and vans from Larimer County, 300 plus in the form of RMGO members, Libertarians from Colorado Springs, good folks from Ault, Fort Morgan, Boulder, Eaton, Niwot, Littleton.

They told the Governor he had sold them out. They shouted, "empty mansion empty promises, one term Bill, We voted wrong and we are sorry," most telling was "WE WON'T FORGET."

These were not NRA sponsored folks, they were just there to say how they feel about a Governor who asked for our vote with an official position paper, that would make Chuck Heston cry, then propose government control of our freedoms.

Forty years ago we sold guns mail order and the crime rate and serial shootings were infinitesimal in comparison to today and yet we have enacted more laws in these past forty years thinking they would make a difference. What have they helped? We need to change the hearts of people, not the laws that govern them.

The GOP who doubt the resolve of their core constituents need to reevaluate or they will lose the position they occupy today. Ask the former Sheriff of Larimer County.

D. Ray Hickman Fort Collins

Webmaster's note: we'll post photographs as they become available.

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