A comment on this week's tragic events and the liberties assailed

by Dr. Sarah Thompson

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners joins with all Coloradans and all Americans in mourning the terrible tragedies that occurred yesterday.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the dead, the injured, and their families - and to our elected leaders who will be making some difficult decisions in the days and months ahead.

While we feel obligated to point out that much of the carnage could have been prevented by armed citizens, law enforcement officers, or sky marshals, we also believe that there are no simplistic solutions to terrorism.  Remember that ordinary ammunition is hazardous on an airplane because it will penetrate the hull and lead to depressurization.  And firing a gun in an extremely cramped and  crowded plane also risks injury to innocent passengers.

More relevant is the fact that Americans have been indoctrinated to be good victims.  We're told over and over again that we should never resist criminals, that we should passively submit to being robbed, raped, mugged, or hijacked.  Women's centers teach women not to fight back, even though fighting back with a firearm is the most effective way to avoid injury.  Employers require their employees to be disarmed, and to agree to whatever a criminal demands.  Those of us who are willing to take responsibility for our own safety are shunned, persecuted, and generally made to feel like second class citizens who are not welcome in "civilized society".

The reason that a few hijackers armed only with knives and box cutters were able to murder tens of thousands of innocent people is less a problem of physically disarmed passengers, and more a problem of psychologically disarmed passengers.

Had the passengers been taught that fighting back is the honorable and appropriate response to thugs, things would likely have turned out differently.  It now appears that this is exactly what happened on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania - the passengers attempted to subdue the hijackers.  They gave their lives, but prevented the deaths of countless others, and the possible destruction of Camp David, the White House or the Capitol.  They upheld our proud tradition of American heroism.

In a pinch, pocket knives, cell phones, pens, books, laptop computers, keys, etc. can all be used as weapons.  All that's needed is the will and courage to fight back.

We do not say this to dishonor the dead, who almost certainly had no idea of what the terrorists planned.  We're sure that had they known, they would have willingly sacrificed their lives to save thousands of others.  We will probably never know how many heroic people did exactly that.

But we must resolve - right here, right now - that we will stop our idolatrous worship of safety above all else, and return to the values of individual responsibility, community responsibility, courage, and resistance to evil that made our nation great.

In the days and months ahead, we expect to see unprecedented attacks on our G-d given rights - not just the right to keep and bear arms, but the rights of free speech, of assembly, of privacy, of travel, and of due process.  We expect to see calls for more gun control, more Carnivore type surveillance of the internet, more wiretaps and surveillance of cell phone traffic, more warrantless searches and seizures, more face recognition technology, more fingerprinting, more restrictions on peaceful assembly, and increasing demands for some sort of high-tech method to track everything each and every person does.

We must have the courage to oppose these attacks on our rights.  We cannot preserve our freedom by destroying it.  If we allow the acts of vicious criminals to turn the United States into a police state, they will have won, and we will lose everything.

Nearly 250 years ago, Benjamin Franklin wrote: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".

Yesterday, President Bush said: "America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world.   And no one will keep that light from shining."

We pray he keeps his word.

Not only must we not give up our essential liberty for false promises of safety, we must ensure that our nation remains that "brightest beacon for freedom".

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners suggests the following:

Write to your Congressman, Senators, and state legislators and let them know that you are not willing to sacrifice your liberty for promises of safety, and that you expect them to protect and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Also let them know that so long as our government protects our liberties, we will support them 100% in the difficult days ahead.

Check your preparedness status.  Do you have adequate food, water, medical supplies, lighting, batteries, radios, and self defense equipment should you need them?  We're not trying to be alarmist here, but we think citizens have the obligation to be prepared to be useful and self sufficient in time of crisis, rather than becoming additional burdens on social services.

Fly your flag!  It's simple, free, shows your support for our country, and will encourage your neighbors to get into the patriotic spirit.

If you're in good enough health to donate blood, please give the gift of life.  Also consider donating to the religious and charitable organizations that are helping victims.  The American Red Cross web site has a lot of information at http://www.redcross.org

Don't stoop to hatred based on anyone's nationality, ethnicity or hatred.  Justice is the most noble of human endeavors.  Bigotry is not.

Don't let terrorists define our nation, and make sure that those who died did not die in vain!

Pray for wisdom, courage, and strength for the injured, the families of victims, President Bush, our Congress, and all Americans.

May G-d bless America, land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE.

Dr. Sarah Thompson is head of Utah Gun Owners Alliance, the only no compromise gun rights group in Utah, which frequently works in alliance with Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

Sponsors kill own Concealed Carry laws: NRA cancels National Convention in Denver

April 21, 1999 – The tragic events of April 20th have pushed politicians and the NRA alike to run screaming for cover.

Senate Bill 84, the Concealed Carry bill, was Postponed Indefinitely by the sponsors (Doug Dean and Ken Chlouber). House Bill 1305, the Preemption bill, was also PI'd today.

This was not done by a vote of the chambers -- sponsors can, and often do, kill their own bills.

This is not a total loss. What this means is that next year, or the following, Colorado will have another crack at passing a GOOD concealed carry law, not one so laden with compromises that liberal Democrats support it and some of the sponsors sell the bill as a form of gun control.

For preemption, the death of HB1305 is more problematic. There are many concerns that the bill gave cities the ability to create criminal safezones for concealed carry permit holders, yet it would have overturned Denver's assault weapons ban ordinance, and their draconian public nuisance ordinance, as well as other anti-gun laws in various cities.

In other news, the NRA canceled its National Convention in Denver.

GOP loses ground in State House, holds numbers in State Senate;
Gun owners gain numbers but enemy elected as House Speaker

Thursday, November 5, 1998 -- The 1998 General Elections were a mixed bag for gun rights supporters when conservatives won many races but liberal anti-gun Speaker was elected to the top position in the Colorado House of Representatives.

Tuesday elections improves pro-gun numbers in the Senate, House
Though Republican lost a total of 1 seat in the Colorado House (from 41-24 to 40-25) and Senate Republicans remained at 20-15, pro-gun forces made substantial gains.

Staunch gun rights supporter Mark Hillman was elected to the Colorado Senate from SD 2 (eastern and southeastern Colorado) to replace term-limited Democrat Jim Rizzuto. Moving from the House to the Senate was gun rights heroine Marilyn Musgrave from SD 1 (Northeastern Colorado) and retired Airborne Col. Dave Owen from SD16 (Greeley). Other Vermont-style concealed carry supporters elected were Ron Teck, who replaced termed Tillie Bishop from SD 7 (Western Slope) and John Evans from SD30 (Douglas County and surrounding area).

Though Republicans did not gain any seats, the election of these conservatives marks a sharp move to the right. They will join Senators Jim Congrove (who ran unsuccessfully for Lt. Governor in the middle of his term) and Doug Lamborn to wait for the appointment of a replacement for State Senator and Treasurer-elect Mike Coffman. Rumor has touted staunch conservative John Andrews as a possible replacement, adding further to pro-gun numbers.

In the House, 100% gun rights supporters elected this year include longtime gun activist Scott McKay (Lakewood), RMGO member Lauri Clapp (Englewood), Shawn Mitchell (Northglenn), Joe Nunez (Highlands Ranch), Rob Fairbank (Lakewood), Don Lee (Littleton), Lynn Hefley (Colo. Springs) and Joe Stengel (Littleton). They join gun rights hero Mark Paschall (Arvada), libertarian Penn Pfiffner (Lakewood) and Doug Dean (Colo. Springs) in House pro-gun caucus.

New House Speaker a Wham Ally
Though House Republicans elected Vermont Law supporter Rep. Doug Dean as Majority Leader, they gave the top position to anti-gun liberal Russell George, considered one of Colorado's most liberal Republican elected officials.

Even more alarming to gun rights supporters is George's ties to Sen. Dottie Wham. George was the House sponsor of a 1995 bill to make carrying concealed without a permit a felony! Expect House Speaker Russ George to do his best to ruin any concealed carry bill in the upcoming legislative session.

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