"SB-2099" e-mail a hoax, but illustrates why you should be a member of a trusted pro-gun group

You may have received an e-mail about a bill in the U.S. Senate known as "SB-2099".

There are a great number of indicators in this e-mail that prove the sender is not to be trusted.

"This bill will become public knowledge 30 days after it is voted into law."  Baloney.  I don't trust the scumbuckets in Washington, D.C. either.  But a bill can't become law without "public knowledge" or without a vote.


Nebraska climbs out of the Stone Age, plans on reciprocity agreement

9/10/09 - For gun owners who travel through or hunt in Nebraska, that state has always been a problem.

Though rural, their unicameral legislature has certainly not been a beacon of conservatism.  They only recently passed a "Shall Issue" concealed carry law, lagging behind a majority of states, and seemed reticent to grant reciprocity to other states.

I've hunted in Nebraska for the better part of two decades now, and have heard from many frustrated Nebraska citizens as well as visitors to their state.  Lots of great hunting there, and a big football state (but what do I care -- I'm a hockey nut), but they've always been an anomaly for rural states and gun rights.



RMGO Lawsuit against gun ban wins -- CSU backs down


(Fort Collins, 5/05/2010)  Today the CSU Board of Governor's voted to rescind their illegal ban on concealed carry on campus.


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