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Support SB15-006 Sen. Woods Rep. Saine Concerning Limitations on Forfeiture Actions Judiciary Died in committee 3-2.
Waiting for hearing
Support SB15-032 Sen. Marble Constitutional Carry Committee of the Whole Senate Third Reading - Passed, no amendments. Waiting for introduction in the House.
Support SB15-086 Sen. Lambert Repeal Expanded Background Checks Finance Passed Judiciary 3-2; Sent to Finance.
SB15-175 Sen. Holbert Sen. Cooke Rep. Humphrey Repeal the Magazine Ban
Judiciary Hearing Monday 3/9, 1:30 Room 271.
Support HB15-1009 Rep. Humphrey Sen. Holbert Repeal the Magazine Ban State Affairs  Died in committee 6-5.
Support  HB15-1049 Rep. Evertt Sen. Grantham Make My Day Better State Affairs Died in committee 6-5.
Support HB15-1050 Rep. Joshi Sen. Woods Repeal Expanded Background Check State Affairs Died in committee 6-5.
Support HB15-1086
Rep. P.Neville Sen. T.Neville CBI Produce Certificate for Gun Transferees State Affairs Died in committee 7-4.
Monitoring HB15-1127 Rep. Klingenschmidtt No Liability for Concealed Carry State Affairs Died in committee 6-5.
Support HB15-1152 Rep. Nordberg Constitutional Carry State Affairs  Waiting for hearing.
Support HB15-1168 Rep. P.Neville Sen. T.Neville School Protection Act State Affairs Waiting for hearing.
Strongly Oppose The Article V Convention Scam Waiting for resolution.
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