Colorado's Center on the Brady Registration Check

-- and why it should be repealed

Colorado is one of the states that, in response to the federal Brady Law, created its own Brady -- what we term "Baby Brady".  This Baby Brady system was created 3 times in Colorado: once in 1995 after the federal law passed, once through Executive Order by Governor Bill Owens, and most recently in the 2000 legislative session by Senate Bill 00-24.

How the Federal Brady Act Passed Congress

When Congress first heard of the Brady Bill, most Republicans and many Democrats balked at the idea.  Gun owners in America weren't likely to accept de facto gun registration inherent in a bill that forced firearms purchasers to undergo a background check and created a database.

In fact, prior to 1995, support or opposition to Brady was the number one litmus test issue for every gunnie, organization, and even the NRA.  Anyone claiming to support the Second Amendment was literally required to oppose the Brady bill.

Shortly before the 1994 General Election, Brady and HCI decided it was time to pass their scheme.  They only had one problem: the US Senate did not have enough votes to shut down a hold (a threatened filibuster) from N.C. Senator Jesse Helms.  A cloture vote -- which shuts down debate and breaks a filibuster -- takes 60 Senators, meaning 41 Senators can stop the legislation.

The NRA knew these numbers quite well and was still publicly opposed to Brady, though many Beltway insiders still suggest the NRA was ready to cave at any point.

The bill was dead -- but the NRA cut the deal to resurrect it.

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Project Gestapo: Putting Gun Owners in Jail in Record Numbers

by Dudley Brown, Executive Director.

Project Gestapo is a private/public partnership designed to do one thing: prosecute ANY firearms violations at the highest level possible and with the most resources at the prosecutor's disposal.

exilebb smWe have dubbed Project Exile with a more accurate moniker: Project Gestapo (credit goes to KHNC's witty talk show host and great American Mark Call).

NOTE: Project Exile has now changed it's name to "Project Safe Neighborhoods".

Some gun owners have bought into the Project Gestapo trap, banging the "don't pass new laws, just enforce those we have now." Much of Project Exile is an attitude about gun laws -- that violating these laws cannot be tolerated in any form. But banging that gong is dangerous, since it empowers bureaucrats to launch a witch hunt for gun owners.

Read more: Project Gestapo: Putting Gun Owners in Jail in Record Numbers

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