Updated 6/4/04

RMGO Oppose 

Bill Number


Subject (check bill for
official full title)

(where is the bill, as of update)


Monitoring HB1003 McCluskey Police Officer Impersonation Law Signed by Governor
Support HB1012 Rose Clarify "Gun Show Loophole" requirements Dead Laid over until end of session
(killed by sponsor)
Strongly Support HB1170 Cloer Self defense a mitigating factor in sentencing Dead Killed in House Judiciary
Strongly Support HB1205 Crane Abolish Statewide Database Dead Killed on House Floor
2nd Reading
Strongly Oppose HB1208 Stengel Increase hunting permit fees Dead Killed in Senate Agriculture
Strongly Support HB1263 Lundberg No SS# for Hunting permit Law Signed by Governor
Strongly Support HB1281 Brophy Alaska Law Dead Killed in State Affairs
Strongly Oppose SB158 Gordon "Safe" storage of a firearm Dead Killed in Senate State Affairs

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